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At comevis "sonicDays" audio/voice communication meets AI and technology

Aktualisiert: 10. Dez. 2020 stands for Voice, Audio, Dialogue - input/output and is a comevis research project.

You can find out which innovations are already usable today and offer you advantages over the competition at comevis "sonicDays", which will take place in November and December this year.

You will get free insights on the work of six Developer Squads working on the following solutions, which are unique in the world:

• Acoustic Brand Forensic

• Synthetic Speech Services

• Voice App Development

• Custom Voice Synthesis (TTS)

• Audio/Voice Seperation & Replacement

• Acoustic Content Automation

  • Tuesday, 17.11.20

  • Tuesday, 24.11.20

  • Tuesday, 01.12.20

From 11.00 - 12.00 each day

Patrick Claude Nölke

Prokurist, Executive board | Creation,

innovation & technology

"Digitalisation and innovation are buzzwords on the agenda of many companies. We cordially invite you to comevis "sonicDays" to join us in discovering concrete opportunities at the intersection of auditory communication and AI-focused technologies to enhance the performance of your sonic touchpoints."

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