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A.I. Sound Testing Station. The world's unique tracker (C-Cloud)

Aktualisiert: 15. Nov. 2021

Stephan Vincent Nölke - CEO comevis GmbH & Co. KG

Besides rhythm in the blood, music in the heart and a trademark in every note, we at comevis also have technology and innovation in mind!

"So it happens that we are not only constantly working on perfect sound branding or sustainable soundscapes, but also fine-tuning how corporate sound can be automated, digitized and made even better."

Much of this innovation thinking is summarized in our award-winning C-Cloud - our sound innovation hub, where we make sound branding and audio marketing easy to use, personalized and, with the help of artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, really smart.

At the heart of it all are our tools, and from among them we present today the Tracker, the only one of its kind in the world:

The Tracker: Your A.I. Sound Checkpoint

Whether it's a marketing video, radio spot or podcast - the right campaign sound is often part of the brand's daily routine. But with so many acoustic applications, it's easy to lose track of whether the sound used is still "on brand" or already "off brand.

It would be perfect to have your own sound experts in the company who check every sound before it is published. But getting them is not that easy and would also be a bit too much of a good thing in terms of employees. What if we told you that you don't need these experts?

Because that's exactly what the Tracker does!

You play your video, spot or podcast in the Tracker app, personalized for you, and the Tracker does the rest.

It uses a scoring system to tell you whether the sound is suitable for your brand or completely off the mark in terms of tonality, rhythm, etc., and can even warn you if sound elements are being served by defined competitors.

How our tracker gets so smart

The process behind this is based on an AI - an artificial intelligence. After we have worked out how your brand sounds as part of Audio/Voice Branding, we classify thousands of sound parameters and categorize them into "suitable for the brand", "not suitable for the brand" and "Attention!

Competitor sound world". Thanks to this subdivision, the algorithm we have personally developed gets smarter and smarter and soon knows exactly which chords, which drum beat and which keys fit your brand. We go beyond the classic parameters such as genre and tempo and analyze the individual brand sound in depth, down to the smallest note.

In this way, the algorithm can recite your sound DNA - as we like to call your sonic code - at night in your sleep, and each user ends up with an individual, personalized app with its very own AI.

With just this AI and our technology, we make the brand sound world evaluable - and in the end make your brand sound life easier.


What is this "" exactly?

The term "" is a comevis creation and originated during the development phase of our C-Cloud. Behind it are the terms "Voice, Audio, Dialog - input/output" - exactly what our C-Cloud tools are all about.


Alexander Thesing


Executive Board l Creation, Strategy & Science

"Analyzing the complex workings of sound in the human brain and then harnessing it for business in the form of our unique A.I. solution is highly complex and extremely effective! This creates a new dynamic in acoustic Audio/Voice Branding & Design."

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