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Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Science (BX)

  • Responsible for the Brand Creation, Strategy & Science division

  • Lecturer at the University of Applied Science and Arts Dortmund

  • Expert for the strategic-conceptual development of sound branding & campaigns

I'm Alexander, I've been with comevis since 2013, a member of the management team, authorised signatory and responsible for the "Brand Creation Strategy & Science" division. After studying Sound Studies & Musicology at the University of Bonn and my time at the German Music Council, I joined comevis as "Head of Acoustic Science & Brand Management".

I am also a lecturer for Sound & Voice Branding and Industrial Sound Design at the University of Applied Science and Arts Dortmund. My wealth of experience, combined with my unique knowledge of strategic and conceptual development of holistic sound branding & campaigns for numerous brands, makes me one of the most sought-after experts worldwide.

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Portrait from Alexander Thesing,an employee of comevis

I am 

Alexander Thesing

Alexander Thesing
Picture from the comevis management

A decade of innovation: 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of Patrick Claude Nölke and Alexander Thesing at comevis.

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