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Acoustic Experience

Acoustic Experience refers to the unique experience of sounds.

We live in a visually overloaded world, only sound and voice can change this.

Definition: Acoustic Experience

The Acoustic Experience is all about the unique experience of sound, because sound is the future. In recent years, there has been a rapid growth in sound technology, which has unleashed a whole new world of powerful digital audio touchpoints between brands and consumers. At a time when we are bombarded with visual stimuli, sound is emerging as the leading medium.

The human relationship with sound is ancient. Beneath the surface of our words and our modern languages and music lies an enormous communicative power. While we can easily close our eyes, our ears are always open. Brands that 'tap into' this sense more will be able to create more holistic and memorable experiences for their consumers and will therefore be more easily remembered.

Successful implementation

Acoustic Experience: Completely new possibilities for interaction

Emerging devices and services such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are just two examples of growing forms of interactive technology. Sound technology is also on the rise outside the home.


Voice assistants are taking over mobile apps, websites, shopping centres, banks and public spaces, helping people navigate and make decisions for better and more tailored experiences. comevis can use sonic code to create high-profile sound identities and reach people in a better way.

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