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Auditive Service Experience

Conversational Design & A.I. Service Experience!

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A.I. Voice Bots 
Conversational Design

Transforming dialogs into a communicative acoustic experience - that's what our A.I.-based technology does. Together, we develop sonic communication that inspires users.

Bot Experience (Audio/Voice/Interaction)

+ More user acceptance & brand transfer

+ Latency masking

+ Speed through audio responses

Callflow Design

Service telephony mechanics that work - only the right sounds, convincing voices and dialogs that are understood can achieve that. We help you convey competence and personality on the phone through sound.

IVR Experience (Audio/Voice/Dialog)

+ Auditive competitive differentiation

+ Dialogues that are understood

+ Situational affect regulation

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Voice Synthese [TTS]
Synthesizing your Corporate Voice

Not just any voice, but your brand voice! Take your voice branding to the next level in technological environments like voice bots, voice apps, e-learning or dialog systems - with our Custom TTS Voices.

Discover Voice Apps

Learn more about Voice Synthesis [TTS].

+ Differentiation & Brand Identity

+ Perfect quality for the intended cases

+ Efficient & flexible thanks to neural technology

UX Sounddesign

Functional sounds that facilitate the operation of products. A meaningful acoustic production, e.g. of apps and human-machine interfaces, makes it easier for your users to find their way around in virtual environments.

+ Simplified user interface

+ Increase of value perception

+ Branding using UX sound codes

Functional Sound Syntax


Voice Apps
Design & Development

Alexa, Google or Cortana - smart speakers and voice apps are part of everyday life. We take care of the audio/voice branding of your corporate voice skills with you - from the idea to the concept to the realization.

App Experience (Audio/Voice/Interaction)

+ New possibilities for service automation

+ Strengthen your hearing brand

+ Voice search optimized

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