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Acoustic Ecology

Longing for silence!

Definition: Acoustic Ecology

Never before have our ears been flooded with so many sounds. We live in a time in which the environment, the working environment and personal surroundings in all areas of life are characterised more than ever by sound in both a positive and negative sense.


Far-reaching technologisation, the expansion of infrastructures and the fact that there have never been so many end devices with the ability to reproduce sound are the reasons for this.

New knowledge! Acoustic Ecology

Acoustic Ecology and the daily increase in sound overload

The constantly increasing sound overload means that one in five Europeans suffers at least at night from decibel levels that are harmful to health. According to surveys by the Federal Environment Agency:

  • 70% feel annoyed by noise

  • Every second German feels disturbed by road noise

  • Every third German feels disturbed by trains

  • One in three Germans feel disturbed by aircraft noise

  • >40% feel disturbed by their neighbours

From a sound-ecological perspective, we want to make companies, brands and products sound more convincing and consistently utilise unheard-of potential. We strive for a healthy sound ecology for all people and provide digital and physical support with solutions for spaces and products.

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