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Acoustic Ecology

Make sustainability audible with us! From Sonic Code Ecology, Soundscaping Ecology to the Brand Sound Library and UX Ecology.
- For brands and people -


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Sonic Code Ecology

We translate your brand's sustainability claims into an adaptive sound architecture. The result is an acoustic, sustainable communication strategy with the heading "Acoustic Ecology". 

We make sustainability audible

+ We position your sustainable marketing acoustically

+ with an emotionally tangible sustainability profile 

+ for a brand experience that is fit for the future.

Natur, die auf Kristallglas reflektiert

Brand Sound Ecology

A sustainability profile that can be experienced sonically makes your brand fit for the future. Sound ecological sound tools give your communication measures a new quality.

Discover the Brand Sound Ecology

+ Increase the sustainable presence of your brand

+ emotional experience for your event or PoS

+ tailored to the requirements of all contact points

UX Sound Ecology

 Listening means understanding. Use the intuition strengthening and affect regulating potential of sound & voice - so that customers feel comfortable in your digital interaction worlds.

More about sustainable interactions

+ Intuitively understand your digital interactions

+ for affect-regulating customer experiences

+ sustainable atmosphere for your user interface design

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Weißer Raum

Soundscaping Ecology

Sound has a great influence on the atmosphere of a room. With specific, functional room sounds, so-called soundscapes, we can design room atmospheres.

This is what rooms can sound like

+ Sustainable sounds for unique experiences

+ for special customer experiences

+ tailored to various areas of application


comevis. Sound of Sustainability.

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