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Brand Sound Library

A specially developed sound library enables corporate communications to easily take control of the soundtrack for your content. Thanks to individually composed, brand-compatible sounds and music loops, it has never been easier to set the tone.

Definition: Brand Sound Library

Our Brand Sound Library is a brand sound library - a tool for intelligent brand sound content management. It consists of many different sound elements such as intro, music, sound effects, loops, outro, etc. As a holistic concept, these elements reproduce the audible sonic code with a high profile.


Simply set the right filters and a selection of suitable sound elements is played. This makes working for Brand Sound users very easy.

Discover the comevis Library Profiler, an outstanding tool from the unique C-Cloud Application Suite, which is an innovative DIY tool that allows you to bring order to your sound chaos - we are your experts for the development of customized brand sound libraries.

Experience the sound management of the Library Profiler in our C-Cloud

Brand Sound Library: These are the advantages

  • Maximum flexibility in terms of dramaturgy, video length and genre.

  • Targeted use of exclusively brand-compliant sounds.

  • Order in the library clutter. 

  • Always the right mood for the projects.

  • Modular and customisable.

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