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Corporate Soundscape

Compared to other elements of acoustic brand management, corporate soundscapes work in the background and thus create a cosy atmosphere at the point of information.

Definition: Corporate Soundscape

Corporate soundscapes are staged soundscapes, effective sound foundations for the atmospheric experience that are used on a large scale. The term is attributed to Raymond Murray Schafer, a contemporary Canadian music researcher, author and composer.


Corporate soundscapes are used at the point of sale (PoS) or point of information (PoI), in shops and department stores, exhibitions, company foyers and trade fair stands as well as on websites.


Corporate soundscapes must be precisely adapted to the brand so that the soundscapes are perceived as positively and not disturbingly as possible.

They are particularly important in the interface design of telephone contact and service portals: here, corporate soundscapes create a convincing system aura without distracting from the dialogue path.

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comevis C-Scaping

The comevis methodology of C-Scaping effectively utilises specific musical parameters to positively stimulate the body with soothing sounds.

Depending on its state, the human brain produces brainwaves of different frequencies due to internal electrical voltage fluctuations. If you are in deep sleep, for example, the brain waves move in the range between 0.1 and 4 Hz. In contrast, brain waves oscillate at more than 30 Hz during phases of concentration.

Due to the resonance principle, the brain is constantly influenced by many external (sound) factors and adapts to them: This means that targeted sound can also stimulate certain areas of the brain. However, as the relevant sound frequencies are too low to be picked up by the human ear, it is necessary to use special brainwave stimulation techniques. With the help of binaural, monaural and isochronous beats, audible frequencies are utilised and processed in such a way that the desired, actually inaudible frequencies can be perceived by the brain.

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