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The sonic code is a central element of acoustic marketing and ensures a recognizable sound profile and an audible identity for your company, brand or product.

Before the first brand-compliant sound can be heard, a foundation stone is needed to implement the acoustic brand successfully, sustainably and in an applicable way. This is exactly what the Sonic Code is.

Using the methodology of C-coding, we develop data-supported and tool-based individual concepts that are oriented towards the brand values of the company. In particular, this leads to intelligent interaction with the branding at all contact points. The aim is to create specific moods that lead to an emotionalization of the communication and to anchor the respective communication effect in an audibly recognizable way.

At comevis, we specialize in tailor-made sonic code projects that focus on emotional brand building to make brands unique and emotionally appealing with our expertise in sound branding.

How we develop your sonic code

  1. Individuality: Unique sonic code to stand out from the competition.

  2. Intuition: The tool-based integration into existing brand portals ensures the intuitive use of all audio assets.

  3. Sustainability: With future-oriented concepts, we create a sonic code that will be remembered in the long term.

  4. Innovation: We combine specialist acoustic know-how with digital innovation and work with A.I.-based technologies.

  5. Methodology: With our optimized C-coding methodology, we can translate your brand values into sound.

  6. Modularity: Whether brand sound library, social media templates or functional sound syntax - the sonic code can be used in the form of diverse assets at every point of contact.

Let's start your Sonic Code project!

Are you ready to transform your brand experience with innovative sonic code? Make an appointment now with comevis, the leading expert in code-based emotional brand building, and find out how we can uniquely position your company.

The brand identity is translated:

1. modular audio assets

2. management tools

3. AI-supported tracking & guidelines

= The Sonic Code

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