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Voice Assistance | Voice Apps Alexa Skill Design & VUI Design

Voice-controlled systems such as Amazon Alexa are the key to successful and modern human-machine communication. The tonal, vocal and dialogue quality of voice apps leads to successful voice assistance - "eyes and hands free".

Definition: Voice Apps & Voice Assistance

Voice apps (or "skills") are voice-controlled capabilities that offer you the opportunity to expand, improve and personalise your smart speaker with new functions. The device becomes a voice assistant with which users can communicate purely by voice - "eyes and hands free".


Although the right sound design is indispensable as an orientation aid in such digital environments, an aesthetic and functional sound design is all too often disregarded. For example, the familiar Amazon Alexa voice is usually used and there is a lack of sound staging.

New knowledge! Voice Apps!

Voice apps: The 3 building blocks of success: sound, voice & dialogue

The comevis voice app design combines corporate voices, corporate sounds and user-friendly dialogue guidance to bring brand identity to life. This opens up completely new dialogue possibilities that make operating the technical system more pleasant and intuitive.


This type of audio/voice app design generates maximum brand recall, offers an audible experience and takes the user by the hand - because without the visual link, such as with menus in a smartphone app, there is otherwise a lack of the necessary orientation.


In the context of voice shopping, the user can be guided more quickly to the conclusion of a purchase by transforming the pain points of an acoustically unsystematic customer journey into sonorous gain points. The result: the generation of higher sales - solely through sound-optimised user guidance.

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Soundful inspiration

Example of Voice Assistance

The comevis Alexa skill

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