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Audio/Voice Interaction Design

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Make smart speakers
and voice apps
brand compliant

When you think of classic design as a business, you would never not apply your brand design, would you? Website, flyer, campaign - everything is thought through in corporate design. However, when we think of it in tones, the reality is often different: At the latest with applications like Alexa, the brand identity is surrendered to the provider service - and that, although you can also shine here with brand-compliant acoustics and retain users. This is a missed opportunity, which we address with you and transform into real acoustic user loyalty. We set the stage for your corporate voice, create automated acoustic service dialogs without media discontinuity, and ensure that your users also find you in the acoustic world.

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Schwarze kabellose Ohrhörer

Acoustic entertainment in corporate sound design

comevis revolutionizes voice apps for smart speakers and makes your brand identity tangible by integrating corporate voices, corporate sounds and a user-friendly dialog. In addition to service dialogs, entertainment applications are also important and even a particularly great opportunity to bind users to the brand and associate them with fun.

Voice apps
that hit the right tone. 

comevis revolutionizes voice apps for smart speakers and brings your brand identity to life by integrating corporate voices, corporate sounds and user-friendly dialog guidance. Especially in such technological environments, sound makes the music.

Grünes Muster

1. FC Köln Alexa Skill 

Blue Smoke

Advent calendar Alexa Skill 

Badenova | A sonorous example:

Voice app marketing for customer loyalty

Alexa, Google Assistant & Co. are an additional channel for customer communication and retention. Use new opportunities to offer your customers digital added value.

Voice App Inspiration

Experience a particularly exciting journey through the world of sounds! To do so, simply say.
"Alexa, start comevis with the sound journey".

Stadion Betonsitze

The most sonorous Alexa Skill 


The 3 customisable parameters


Always hit the right note with instruments and sounds


Tell your story with inspiring voices


Take callers by the hand thanks to sound dialogues


Design & Development


We take care of it for you:

Voice App Performance Level

Since 2002, we have been combining our audio/voice expertise with technology know-how and using this expertise to revolutionize voice applications for smart speakers. By integrating professional corporate voices, corporate sounds and user-friendly dialog guidance, we bring your brand identity to life. We support you from strategy development to creation and implementation of your Alexa skill.

Level #1

Voice App

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The ideal start

Level #2

Voice App

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Strategic & Particularly Performant

Our Alexa Skills (extract)

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