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Logo Deutscher Fußball-Bund
Logo Deutscher Fußball-Bund
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Sound Branding Coded

The auditory code behind the DFB's brands

The German Football Association is the non-profit organisation in Germany that coordinates and supports 21 regional associations with more than seven million members.


The DFB relies on comevis' exclusive code-based sound branding methodology to lead the acoustic brand management and emotional brand building of the DFB multi-brand into the digital future.


Market studies show that the new DFB Audible Brand Experience is unique in terms of multi-brand complexity and the development and use of AI-based management & analysis tools from comevis' C-Cloud.


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Double Win - German Brand Award 2024


The jury awards the title of Special Mention for special aspects of brand management. We are therefore particularly pleased to have received this additional "Special" honor in addition to the "Winner" award.


»Special Mention« for DFB code-based Sound Branding in  Category Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation:

Brand Experience of the Year


»Winner« für DFB code-based Soundbranding in Category Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation:

Brand Communication & Acoustic & Sensoric Branding 


comevis management: Stephan Vincent Nölke, Patrick Claude Nölke and Alexander Thesing


* german language

Reference quote

Juri Müller

"The methodical, application-oriented approach within the development process of our sound branding - always with the aim of focussing on the most digital and intuitive application possible - has led to a differentiated result, which now makes our brand diversity tangible on an auditory level in line with our brand identity. We are looking forward to our holistic identity, which can now not only be seen but also heard."

Juri Müller

Head of Brand Management


"For us, Audible Brand Experience means that our umbrella brand DFB and our sub-brands are recognisable with closed eyes via the auditory family code and that the affiliation to our fantastic brand family is highly emotional. Others would simply call this sound branding, we call it the auditory epicentre of German football"

Maximilian Arthen

Senior Brand Manager

Reference quote

Max Arthen

The sound logo


The auditory family code



DFB Logo


National Mannschaft




Deutscher Fußball-Bund


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DFB Pokal Logo

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DFB dritte Liga Logo


DFB Akademie Logo


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Code 1: Brass Sections

The central content element in Sonic Code is the brass section in all its diversity.


Brass is controlled by breathing and is therefore a sign of human expressiveness and vitality.


In football, breathing stands for performance (in the athlete) on the one hand and for tension and emotion on the other.


History - wind instruments have an associative effect and convey consistency, commitment and tradition. 

DFB Brass Code

Image Source: Pexels

Code 2: Matchfield

The pitch is the epicentre of all emotions. Whether on the pitch or in the stadium. Sometimes the mood shifts when a chance is missed - sometimes a goal breaks the dams.


This can be experienced acoustically through a rapid increase in intensity. A crescendo.


The sounds of the sport, from precise passes to the sound of the ball hitting the net, lend our sound branding a lively materiality.

Code 3: Authentic

Less is more. Within the Sonic Code, the unique facets of each instrument form a close-knit team in which every contribution is important.


Identifiable instruments in a pure hand-made aesthetic reduce distance and create authenticity.


Purism & a certain angularity create an incomparable bond and thus become "at eye level".

DFB Code Elemte

Image Source: Pexels

The auditory central idea



* german language

Integration into the DFB brand portal

The centrepiece of the auditory brand identity

The comevis Brand Sound Profiler (content management tool) is seamlessly integrated into the DFB brand portal, making it the central point of contact for brand experience departments, agencies and external service providers.

All elements of the modular design system come together here. From brand loops and templates to UX/SFX elements. Everything that makes the DFB a uniquely audible brand.

DFB Markenportal Grafik.png
C-Cloud application Suite Mockup.png

DFB Brand Sound Library Profiler

Audio Assets & Templates

The cloud-based audio content management tool created especially for the DFB offers all relevant users access to the individually composed, modular design system and acoustic brand element.


The use of this AI-based management tool ensures intuitive, efficient, audible brand communication in line with the multi-brand DFB.


+ 400

Audio assets
for every communication


+ 80

for every platform


+ 25

Customised filters
for all requirements


DFB Hintergrund Rasen.jpg

DFB brand film

Video agency: Jung von Matt Sports

Image by Blocks Fletcher

Product world film

Video agency: Jung von Matt Sports

Social Media

Live / Event

Fußballfeld Grafik icon_edited.png





"We are delighted that we were able to design and implement a strategically derived "Audible Brand Experience" for the DFB positioning for the special requirements of our digitally transformed world. This provides an important core building block for the individual communicative appeal of the DFB brands. Thanks to the technological open-mindedness of the DFB project team, it was also possible to deal with all currently relevant digital aspects with regard to the audio innovations that are already possible today."

Stephan Vincent Nölke

CEO & Founder

"This sound branding - unique in its complexity and character - embodies tradition and future and lets you feel the passionate soul of football. The C-Team is looking forward to all the further challenges that lie ahead of us together and would also like to thank the DFB and the market research institute IMW and Strichpunkt."

Patrick Claude Nölke (ppa.)

Chief Digital Officer & Head of Innovation

Alexander Thesing (ppa.)

Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Science


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Media reporting e.g. in:


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