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Words can inform and inspire, motivate and animate, paint and make music, appeal to the emotions and the mind.

Definition: Tone of Voice

The human voice - in its high identification and differentiation function, language essentially forms the basis for social acceptance and prestige and is therefore a distinguishing feature. Even the people of ancient Rome and Greece refined their use of language in detail.


Language is always an emotional experience that affects and influences us. Just like sound factors, word choice, language patterns, sentence structure and grammar are considered to characterise a (brand) personality.


In order to be perceived as authentic and credible, consistency is also of crucial importance in terms of language. The way to achieve this is through a consistent process of definition in line with the brand and its values. The end result is a style and wording manual that ideally takes into account all verbal and written communication channels. The trick is not to create a rigid set of rules, but to provide orientation and at the same time leave room for change.

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