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Voice Branding


With words you can
inform and inspire,
motivate and animate,
paint and make music,
address the feeling and the mind.

5 reasons for voice branding
and your corporate voice

1. Voice creates personality, appears lifelike, approachable and has, in the best case, an unique recognition value.

2. Voice extends the visual identity and supports the communication of a consistent brand story at all touchpoints of the purchase journey.

3. Voice provides a positioning advantage in visually saturated markets and avoids interchangeability with competitors.

4. Voice can use existing channels and digital infrastructures to reach customers directly.

5. Customers can not only hear their brand (podcast/streaming) but also interact with it (voice assistants/bots).

Best Practice | BOSCH

Reference quote

"By "Bosch Audio Experience" we are referring to the strategic realization of a defined image, sound and voice identity. The project carried out by Bosch and comevis aimed at methodically developing a functional sound architecture created according to CI standards in order to reinforce and secure customer loyalty within the context of service experience."

Gregor Schilling

Director Corporate Design
Robert Bosch GmbH

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Grüner Park

Voice & Sound Branding
by comevis. 
Corporate Design Video

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Voice is the marketing tool of our time.

We design and develop your brand voice. Use the power and effect of the voice.

Every company, every brand sounds different, but often the messages are similar - so it's not just what you say that matters, but how. 

Voice branding translates brand identity into language, thus enabling the strategic and emotional, vocal positioning of companies, brands and products. and creates targeted differentiation from the competition through the use of unique voice systems - synchronized across all sounding touchpoints.

In addition, vocal interaction with companies and products will become increasingly important in the future, as we become more and more accustomed to interacting with brands and products by means of speech. 

We offer highly innovative services/solutions for this in our Audio/Voice Innovation service area, e.g. for voice apps and voice synthesis (TTS).



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