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Audio Marketing

In audio marketing, the brand sound developed in the sound branding process is used strategically and consistently according to the situation and touchpoint, e.g. in the case of a soccer, Olympic or Christmas version of the brand sound or the soundtrack for specific measures.

Definition: Audio Marketing

Good audio marketing succeeds in individualizing your acoustic business card based on the success factors of sound, voice and dialogue, depending on the requirements at your touchpoints, and it ensures that your sounding contact points are perfectly synchronized at all times. Your familiar brand sound (sonic code) resounds in a seasonal guise, surprises your customers and shows them unmistakably: this company has its finger on the pulse!


In addition, you can use the possibilities of audio marketing with every direct or media-supported contact to highlight companies, brands, products and services in an emotional, special, likeable and recognizable way and to create positive basic moods that increase the chewing mood and create a feeling of well-being that is transferred to the attitude of customers and business partners.


At comevis, we focus on customized audio marketing projects to present brands in a unique and emotionally appealing way with our expertise in acoustic communication.

Experience the impact of audio marketing with comevis

Audio marketing: use the right tools

One thing is certain: We are living in the audio/voice decade. The digital transformation offers brands and companies more sonorous communication interfaces to their customers and business partners than ever before.


Instead of remaining silent, you should use the right tools here to always strike the right note for customer acquisition and retention, for example in telephone dialog, voice apps, podcasts, TV, radio, at the point of sale, at trade fairs, in interactive advertising media, on the web, social media and in apps.


All of these areas of application can now be easily equipped with the corresponding audio marketing modules.

Let's start your audio marketing project!

Do you want to enrich your brand experience with innovative audio marketing? Get in touch now with comevis, your leading partner for code-based audio marketing, and find out how we can make your brand stand out.

comevis methodology

From strategy and creation to the use of AI-based audio/voice tools.


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