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Corporate Sound

Sound sets the mood, gives identity, provides orientation and delivers reproducible good feelings. Brand sound worlds create a positive atmosphere from which trust and solidarity arise.

Definition: Corporate Sound

Corporate sound encompasses all acoustic elements that are implemented in a company's specific brand strategy, such as the corporate sound logo, corporate voice(s), corporate soundscape and corporate music.


The acoustic identity is the basis of this sonic event, by which we mean the sonic code. This defines the emotional-affective components and communicative statements of the company with which the brand is to be associated. Melody, tempo, rhythm, instrumentation, tonality and especially the voice are essential leitmotif elements.

New knowledge! Corporate Sound!

Corporate sound: these are the advantages

  • Wide scope for design using the modular elements of sound and voice

  • Differentiated application possibilities for acoustic brand management 

  • Complete the brand design in addition to the visual components 

  • Recognise concisely, retain customers and stand out

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