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Corporate Sound

Sound creates moods, gives identity, offers orientation and reproducibly delivers good feelings. Brand-sound worlds create a positively charged atmosphere from where confidence and connection develop.

Definition: Corporate Sound

Corporate sound includes the totality of all acoustic elements that are implemented in the specific brand strategy of a company, such as Corporate Sound Logo, Corporate Jingle, Corporate Voice(s), Corporate Soundscape, Corporate Song and Hymn.
The Sound Identity (also Sound-ID or Audio-ID), forms the basis of all sound events.


The acoustic identity defines the emotionally effective components and the communicative statements which are associated with the company, the brand and which should convey the sound concept. As a "leitmotif" or platform, it determines how the brand attributes and values are translated into melody, tempo, rhythm, instrumentation, tonality and other parameters - and most importantly, voice.


Sound and voice as modular and modulable elements of audio identity offer a wide scope for design as well as differentiated application possibilities for acoustic branding. Together with the visual components such as colours, fonts and shapes, they give the brand a specific form - with concise features for recognition, recognition, differentiation, remembrance and binding, to make it stand out from the mass of similar offerings.

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