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Audio/Voice Campaign
Acoustic storytelling for a fireworks display of emotions

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Audio advertising - audibly unique.

Whether it's a TV commercial, a digital add or a social media campaign, our intelligent sound designs and high-impact productions make your campaigns measurably successful.

TV & Social Media Campaign

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Eye and ear in harmony

Storytelling is particularly helpful in audible marketing in order to achieve entrepreneurial goals. The focus here is on the function of stories and the way they work. If stories are good and relevant, and if they are told well, then they touch people deeply and remain in their memory for a very long time. We make the story of your company & your brand audibly unique with music, sound design & voice.


The most important criteria for a successful audible storytelling campaign are:

  • Emotional storytelling through perfect sound mood. 

  • Activation through unique, attention-grabbing sound design. 

  • Involvement through voices that hit the heart.

Image by Dan Farrell


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Increase the value of your brand and launch your storytelling campaign with customized music, sound design & voice.


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Audio/Voice Campaign

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Audio/Voice Campaign

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