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Audio/Voice Brand Experience - 5 important reasons

Aktualisiert: 16. Nov. 2021

We live in a visually overloaded world, only sound and voice can change this.

In recent years, there has been rapid growth in sound technology that has revealed a whole new world of powerful audio touchpoints between brands and consumers. At a time when people are bombarded with visual stimuli, sound is emerging as a uniquely powerful way for brands to connect with people.

comevis can create high-profile sound identities for you in the context of multisensory marketing and reach people in better ways. Sound is the future of brand experience.

1: Humans are auditive beings

Humankind's relationship with sound is ancient. Beneath the surface of our words and our modern languages and music lies an enormous communicative power. From the vibrations of our vocal cords to the tapping of footsteps to the rhythmic melodies of artistic creations, sounds surround us every day. While we can easily close our eyes, our ears always remain open. Brands that "tap into" this sense more will be able to create more holistic and memorable experiences for their consumers, and will therefore be more easily remembered.

2: Smart speakers conquer the living room

According to a study by Nielsen, 40 percent of households now own multiple smart speakers. As such, spending time listening to more audio, be it news, music or podcasts, is high on the list of weekly preferences.

Emerging devices and services like Amazon Echo and Google Home are just two examples of growing forms of interactive technology. According to a study by Activate, podcasts are expected to double to 112 million people with 15 billion hours of content by the end of 2021.

Sound technology is also on the rise outside the home. Voice assistants are taking over mobile apps, websites, shopping malls, banks and public spaces, helping people navigate and make decisions for better and more tailored experiences.

3: Sound Branding

What does "Nike" sound like? What does "Apple" sound like? What does your brand sound like?

We are in an age where consumers not only watch and see what a brand does, but also listen. By creating a sound identity, brands can harness the fundamental power of sound and touch their customers with individual brand sound. Successful sound branding is more than developing the voice behind your brand - it's defining your sonic DNA, developing a sonic signature, spreading it across all your touchpoints. How will your audio experience drive consumer interaction and engagement? Voice is the trend and brands need to go with the trend.

4: Unique selling proposition audio

In the modern age where visual distractions abound, sound represents an effective way for brands to create unique sounds. As advertisers compete for audiences' ever-tightening attention spans, sound represents the ultimate communication tool. Although "sound branding" is not a new concept, its potential has yet to be fully realized. A study by Nielsen showed that consumers rate advertising with music as more creative, informative and memorable. In an increasingly audio-driven world, brands that focus attention on building their musical signature and sound identity will have a greater chance of creating emotional, multi-sensory experiences that consumers not only remember, but want to experience again and again.

5: The future

The way we interact with the Internet is changing. As we use not only our hands and eyes, but also our mouths and ears, our user experience will evolve as well.

Sound is becoming an increasingly important element of the user experience across all sectors and industries, from self-driving vehicles via voice control to home appliances and podcasts. The possibilities for using sound to enhance the user experience and create a seamless interaction with the consumer are endless.

Stephan Vincent Nölke

Geschäftsführer | CEO

"Brand sound represents the core of a brand experience. In times of digitalization, it is more important than ever to experience the brand with all senses."

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