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Why is snow white? And why is the winter landscape so quiet?

Aktualisiert: 20. Jan. 2023

These two questions were addressed by our Managing Director Stephan Vincent Nölke in winter sports in Lech Zürs am Arlberg.

The answers are quite simple.


That's why the snow is white:

1. When light falls on snow, it is reflected in all directions by the many surfaces of the crystals.

2. It is also deflected at the interfaces between the ice and the air in the cavities.

3. The reflection and refraction of light cause snow to appear milky white.


That's why the winter landscape is so quiet:

Not only the snow trickles softly ❄️ Everything seems much cozier when fresh snow falls.

But is this just a feeling?

In fact, it is not, because it is nothing more than a reduced sound reflection! How this is reflected depends on the nature of the surface.

Surfaces with a hard plane reflect sound, such as car noise, particularly well. "Soft", rough surfaces, on the other hand, such as those of a snowflake, refract sound through their air cavities. As a result, the sound is "swallowed" by the rough surface and thus reflected back much more quietly.

This principle is also used by recording studios, which line their walls with acoustic absorbers to achieve perfect sound.

So the sounds of our everyday lives are actually muffled on a snowy winter's day, making us perceive our environment much quieter than normal.


Brand & Service Experience

Code-based Sound Branding & Audio/Voice Service Experience

However, silence is not only good for the snowy days, but also forms an acoustic potential space within the Brand Experience (BX).

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Stephan Vincent Nölke

Managing Director & CEO

"Silence is a positive state that means much more than the absence of noise. Silence is the focused perception of our own presence within a living environment."


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