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Sound branding for 💃🕺TikTok campaigns, does it matter and if so which?

Aktualisiert: 25. Jan. 2023

6 key aspects for sound branding on TikTok:

  1. Attract attention: Sound branding can help draw viewers' attention to a video and a brand and make it more memorable.

  2. Memorability: A memorable sound brand helps to make a video, and therefore the brand, more memorable.

  3. Creating a mood: Sound branding can help to create a certain mood or atmosphere and thus support a certain brand message.

  4. Authenticity and credibility: A well-designed sound brand can significantly contribute to making a video and thus the brand appear more authentic and credible.

  5. Recognisability: A memorable sound brand contributes to a video and thus the brand being recognised more easily and with a higher profile.

  6. Build a connection to the brand: A well-designed sound brand strengthens the emotional connection between the brand and the viewer in the long term.




So when creating brand campaigns on TikTok, sound branding can be an important aspect. This is because it helps to capture the attention of viewers/listeners, create a certain mood, strengthen the authenticity and credibility of the brand and significantly increase brand recognition.

Stephan Vincent Nölke

Managing Director & CEO

"An absolute prerequisite for the success of sound branding in TikTok campaigns is that it is based on a strategic approach and that there is a willingness to follow through consistently.

If both can be answered with "yes", then impact with reverberation is guaranteed 😊"


In the next article, we will discuss the "do`s & dont`s" of sound branding for planned TikTok campaigns!

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