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comevis celebrates a new milestone: our move in Cologne's Rheinauhafen

Innovation and growth have inspired us from the very beginning. Today we are pleased to announce an exciting new step in our company history: Our move after 17 years in Schanzenviertel, on 01.01.24 to the iconic Kranhaus 1 in Cologne's Rheinauhafen and our C studios on the outskirts of the city. Nothing will change at our think tank location in the USA. This move symbolises not only our continued expansion, but also our commitment to working in one of the most dynamic and inspiring environments in Germany.

rheinhauhafen Kranhaeuser

A new chapter in the comevis success story

The crane buildings in Rheinauhafen harbour are more than just an office location; they are a landmark of modern architecture and innovation in Cologne. With this move, comevis is positioning itself at the interface of creativity and the business world. Our new premises not only offer a breathtaking view of the Rhine, but also an inspiring working environment for our team.

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Sustainability and modernity go hand in hand

The Crane Houses are not only known for their unique architecture, but also for their sustainability. As a company committed to environmental responsibility, we are proud to work in a building that fulfils modern energy efficiency standards. This emphasises our commitment to the responsible use of resources.

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A look into the future: sound branding meets service experience

With our move to the Kranhäuser in Cologne's Rheinauhafen harbour, we are opening a new chapter in which sound branding and service experience take centre stage.We see this change as an opportunity to expand our services in both areas.We strive to combine innovative sound branding strategies with outstanding service experience to create a holistic brand experience. Our new domicile in Rheinauhafen symbolises our commitment to be a leader in these key areas.


We invite our clients, partners and friends to experience the synergy of sound branding and service experience in our new premises.

Visit us at the Crane Buildings in Cologne's Rheinauhafen harbour as we open a new chapter in which sound branding and service experience take centre stage.

Porträt von Stephan Vincent Nölke, Geschäftsführer von comevis

"The move to the Crane Buildings in Rheinauhafen is more than a new chapter for comevis; it is a stepping stone to a future where innovation, creativity and sustainability are not only part of our corporate philosophy, but also our daily working environment. We are proud to work in such an iconic and inspiring environment that fits perfectly with our vision and pursuit of excellence."

Stephan Vincent Nölke



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