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Voice branding: 5 reasons for the most powerful marketing tool!

Aktualisiert: 16. Nov. 2021

"Willkommen in Bonn. Köln/Bonn!" Surely you have heard this before.

Travelers at Cologne/Bonn Airport are greeted in classic James Bond fashion.

But did you know that Hamburger Hochbahn AG was looking for Hamburg residents to be the new voices of the subway under the slogan "Your voice for Hamburg"? Or that Alexa's voice does not belong to a real person, but is generated by artificial intelligence?

"Voice branding" is more relevant than ever and one of the most powerful auditory marketing tools. Because voice generates emotions, creates closeness or can also communicate directly with the customer. While James Bond gets you in the mood for an upcoming travel adventure, the people of Hamburg give you the feeling of being part of this city and Alexa (almost) always has an answer to your questions.

Since the "mobile first" web design approaches and the "headphone generation", it has become clear that a purely visual CI in content marketing is no longer sufficient in 2021. The trend towards audio-only touchpoints, acoustic guidance systems or audio marketing on streaming platforms not only suggests the slow downfall of the display, but also reinforces the demand for individual and purely auditive approaches. Smart speakers, voice assistants and podcasts have long been part of the established communication channels and offer unimagined sonic potential for your brand presence.

Keynote by Stephan Vincent Nölke (comevis) at the MDR Radio Award. Photos © MDRW/

Voice branding, the all-important factor.

If your brand were a person, what would he or she sound like? Would she be young and dynamic or old and experienced? Would she perhaps have an accent, a pleasantly sonorous tone of voice, or just bubble with enthusiasm?

So it's not just what you say that matters, but how. In the definition, the voice branding of your individual "corporate voice", different factors, such as brand staging, target groups, interaction possibilities and many more can therefore play an important role. But the search is worthwhile, because in the end you will be able to communicate your message individually and differentiate yourself specifically from your competitors.

5 reasons for voice branding and your corporate voice

1. Voice creates personality, appears lifelike, approachable and has, in the best case, an unique recognition value.

2. Voice extends the visual identity and supports the communication of a consistent brand story at all touchpoints of the purchase journey.

3. Voice provides a positioning advantage in visually saturated markets and avoids interchangeability with competitors.

4. Voice can use existing channels and digital infrastructures to reach customers directly.

5. Customers can not only hear their brand (podcast/streaming) but also interact with it (voice assistants/bots).

Voice is the marketing tool of our time!

We at comevis will be happy to advise you on all questions concerning voice branding and will guide you safely through the implementation, from the conception to the finished production, of your own brand voice.

Stella Odovic

Voice Specialist Consultant

"With the right voice, you create a personal brand identity and potential customers will remember your "brand voice" with enthusiasm."

Smart digital products, voice assistants and smart speakers, like Alexa & Co, are conquering our everyday lives. Auditory communication has never been more present than now - in our age of digital transformation.

More about our voice and sound branding portfolio:

Stephan Vincent Nölke

Geschäftsführer l CEO

"The future belongs to the voice, and it hasn't just been at traditional touchpoints like radio, television, phone or POS for a long time. With the increasing range of acoustic media, the voice can already be heard via smartspeaker, app, podcast or in voice-controlled environments. Voice branding will keep you within earshot of your customers in the future."

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