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Gender-appropriate language - also an aspect of Voice Branding?

We and many others are already doing it: we gender. A small asterisk, sometimes an underscore, or other characters with a big effect.

In 2020, the gender asterisk was ranked ninth among the words of the year, and its cronies from the gender colon to the inland I are always on everyone's lips.

The topic of gender is becoming more and more present. In addition to written texts and everyday language, the topic should also be considered in terms of sound and voice branding. We at comevis have known this for a long time and work with it. But why is gendering so important in our field, too, and what should we pay attention to in gender-appropriate voice branding?

What is behind the term gendering?

The term "gendering" comes from the English language. Simply translated, "gender" means "sex" in German. In gendering, a distinction is made between stereotypical, innate gender (female and male) and gender identity, i.e., how does a person identify him or herself?

In addition, gendering is intended to help ensure that no distinction is made in language between "weak" and "strong" genders. Gender-inclusive language encompasses all gender identities from cis to diverse or queer to non-binary.

Thus, gendering is not intended to include "only" women in the context, as is often assumed (which is why listeners and hearers, for example, is not gendering taken to its logical conclusion), but rather to address all gender identities as much as possible without any kind of exclusion.

Already very present in writing, gendering in voice is yet another issue. So if you think about your voice branding in an inclusive way from the start, using a gendering approach, you can stand out from the competition and show attitude.

Find out here how we can support you with voice branding.

The jungle of gender options

Hardly anything is discussed as much as gendering. It triggers controversy and comes in such a variety that many are not sure how to do it properly. There are many different forms of gendering.

For us in voice branding, there is a decisive advantage at this point: we make the gendering audible and do not have to decide between colon, asterisk and co. It is only important that we insert a small pause - the gender gap - and thus make it clear: We gender - even in language. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn how your auditory presentation can also become gender-appropriate in the best possible way.

Gender-appropriate Sound & Voice Branding with comevis

As mentioned above, gendering in voice is of great importance. If you think about your voice branding inclusively and pay attention to gendering, you will stand out from the competition.

This can help companies not only in communication with customers and in marketing, but will also pay off in employer branding, especially with regard to young applicants.

At comevis, we are happy to support you with our expert knowledge and walk an inclusive auditory path with you.

Find out here how we can support you in voice branding

With our unique Creator from the C-Cloud, gender-appropriate voice recordings/audio files can be created quickly and easily by yourself without much planning, audio engineering or mixing.

Stella Odovic

Consultant, Project Manager

& Voice Specialist

"With the right gender language, you'll create a personalized

brand identity and potential customers will enthusiastically remember your brand voice."

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