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Songs to test your Headphones with! comevis recommends...

Aktualisiert: 15. Nov. 2021

"Audio quality is a critical factor for successful customer, partner and employee communication and is increasingly important for hybrid events and virtual meetings."

The quality of your own headphones can be checked quickly and easily using our 6 defined sound criteria. We recommend paying particular attention to speech intelligibility, surround sound, dynamics, treble, midrange and bass reproduction.

Whether travelling, on a business call or at home - headphones have become a constant companion in our everyday lives. Especially the increased participation in virtual meetings and events in recent months, have brought the importance of sound quality and sound ecology back into consciousness. High audio quality not only ensures better communication but also reduces stress and helps focus. As the sound research conducted by comevis in the field of Acoustic Ecology also shows.

Therefore, the most important quality criterion for headphones, besides the feel and wearing comfort, is the sound. Reference tracks from different genres help to test the reproduction quality, such as powerful basses or fine nuances of instruments and vocals, in order to be able to judge the sound as objectively as possible. Just try it out for yourself ... best of all, of course, with one of the Hi-Res streaming services.

1) Speech intelligibility: Crystal clear voice with varied bass underpinnings.

2) Surround sound: Multifaceted highs and a distinct stereo image

3) Trebles, mids, lows: The mix of bass, claps and synthesizer makes it.

4) Mids and bass: Historic mids meet modern basses

5) Fast bass and mids: total package of double bass and folk vocals.

6) Bass: When the bass goes even deeper.

7) Surround Sound: Well-mixed treble in combination with bass and vocals.

8) Dynamic kick drum: Kick bass in its purest form through simultaneously played drums.

9) Dynamics: From loud to soft, the dynamics are fully utilised.

10) THE guitar sound: A core electric guitar sound paired with vocals and percussions.

There is no one track to test, because different genres place different demands on the headphones. All the more important is an audio/voice concept that sounds equally good on all playback devices, whether in music or in audio/voice branding. More sound references from comevis? You can find them here.

Björn Wegener

Projekt & Customer Management


„Die Audioqualität ist ein entscheidender Faktor für eine erfolgreiche Kunden-, Partner- und Mitarbeiterkommunikation und wird zunehmend wichtiger für hybride Events und virtuelle Meetings.“

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