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Sound Branding Keynote, Radio Adward 2019, Stephan Vincent Nölke - comevis

Aktualisiert: 18. Dez. 2020

Opening keynote by Stephan Vincent Nölke for the Radio Adward 2019.

The evening gala of the Radio Adward 2019 was opened by comevis Managing Director Stephan Vincent Nölke with a keynote on the "architecture of the HEARABLE".

The topic was about what constitutes good sound branding and how branding processes are already changing or improving through the use of AI, synthetic voices and smart speakers:

"Many thanks to Stephan Vincent Nölke for his inspiring keynote to kick off the Radio Adward 2019. His talk took the audience entertainingly through the world of the "architecture of the HEARABLE" and he explained succinctly what matters in good audio branding."

Hannes Ullmann

Deputy Head of Communications, MDR Advertising

Stephan Vincent Nölke

Geschäftsführer | CEO

"Sound keys open doors."

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