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Can AI do audio?

Aktualisiert: 11. Okt. 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a much-discussed topic that is becoming increasingly important. Some fear that AI-based tools could replace the work of professionals and experts. Others see the potential to make work easier, e.g. to quickly analyse large amounts of data, to easily segment target groups or to optimise campaign content, and thus also an opportunity for new jobs.

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"Auditory digitisation is taken to a new level with our AI-based tools. It has never been so exciting, so easy and so meaningful as now to put the topic on the to-do list in the context of strategic audio marketing & branding."

Stephan Vincent Nölke, CEO | Managing Director, comevis GmbH & Co. KG


But can AI do audio at all?

Yes, (AI) can understand, interpret and generate audio. This opens up many new possibilities for the design, generation and analysis of auditory brand experiences that are already directly applicable today.

3 Examples:

Speech recognition: Transcribing, analysing and optimising audio data, e.g. from the field of service design or voice-over (subtitles, translation) for the corresponding use case, is an essential field of application for AI-based tools today. For example, our

VADio Secretary combines ASR (Automated Spreech Recognition) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) technologies into one solution and turns audio into text with just one click.

Speech synthesis: Generates natural speech based on a text and offers many different uses for audio content creation. Our innovative VADio Creator goes one step further and combines speech synthesis with audio integration. Whether for the Audible Service Experience, a product or explainer video or social media post. AI-based audio processing is the practical DIY tool for efficient and scalable content generation.

Audio Analysis: Analyse and interpret audio content and control brand-compliant communication. All this is offered by our intuitive and adaptive VADio Tracker in the field of A.I.-based analysis, which knows how to distinguish strategic audio decisions from the tawdry.


And what happens next? 🎯

➡️ Audio is becoming the dominant marketing channel.

Audio is a powerful medium when it comes to evoking emotion or appealing to people. In combination with artificial intelligence (AI), audio content will increasingly shape the auditory brand image and adapt to the individual needs and preferences of users.

➡️ Audio becomes the personalised customer experience

Audio content will increasingly appear personalised for each individual customer, strengthening and fostering attachment to a brand. Based on factors such as age, gender, interests and buying behaviour, there will be a very individual brand experience at audio-relevant touchpoints.


Audio becomes an immersive experience

With a view to the technological development of virtual & augmented reality, a transformation of audio content to an immersive experience is imminent. 3D audio and interactive sound concepts are approaches that strengthen the sense of presence and reality and allow audio content to be experienced with all senses.

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Stephan Vincent Nölke, Alexander Thesing & Patrick Claude Nölke - Executive Board.

The best AI audio/voice business apps:

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VADio Tracker

A.I. Audio Analytics

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VADio Profiler

Asset/Template Management

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VADio Creator

Realtime Audio/Voice Creator

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More information about the C-Cloud "Application-Suite" (Audio/Voice) can be found here:


AI-based tools are a valuable tool for auditory digitisation.

They help companies improve the Audible Service & Brand Experience, make it more efficient and create personalised experiences.

Companies that want to use AI-based tools should first find out about the different ways they can be used. Because there are already a variety of tools on the market today that are suitable for different purposes.

As a pioneer and trailblazer of the digital Audible Experience, we advise, support and set new impulses for AI-based control. Feel free to contact us!
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