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Audio/Voice Branding

To profile your brand and provide code-based agile performance.

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Image by Arthur Chauvineau

Audio/Voice Campaign

The story of the campaign becomes audible with music, sound design & convincing voices. We provide a firework of emotions.


+  Activation with resonance

+  Instantly recognizable, memorable

+  Absolutely unique

Auditive Storytelling

We develop your audible sonic code for brand profiling.

unique, inspiring and recognizable


Sonic Code (DNA)

How do we make a brand audible?
Quite simply: By converting its core elements into sounds and developing an individual sonic code! In doing so, we work AI-based and use the award-winning methodology of our C-Profiling.


+ We find your acoustic niche

+ For optimal exploitation of potential

+ With guidelines and strategic control tools 

Determine your Audio-Purpose with us

Retro Mikrofon

Voice Branding

An acoustic brand includes not only sounds but also voices. We give your brand character, persuasiveness and a recognizable voice profile with an unforgettable voice system and concept.


+ Use the power and effect of the voice

+ Give your brand a voice identity

+ Voice branding for brands in all languages

Discover the power of voices


Recognize a brand in 2.5 seconds? That's what a sound logo can do! With the audible logo, we bring your brand recognizably to the point - and as quickly as no other brand code can.


+ We develop your sound logo - audible trademark

+ Unique and memorable 

+ For your audible brand value enhancement

See what happens in 2.5 seconds

Image by Oleg Laptev

Brand Sound Library

Sometimes you wish you had a simple manual including the tools you need. Good that we can give you your personal Brand Sound Library for podcasts, for example. Set the pace yourself and stay sonically flexible.


+ We offer individually composed brand sounds  

+ With fast access and online profiling tools

It has never been easier to set the tone 

Discover our Brand Sound Library


comevis.Sound of Brand.

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