Audio/Voice Branding

for your tangible brand - audibly unique with a convincing brand voice strategy.


It is about striking the right notes with the right instruments at the right time.


With inspiring voices that make stories come to life.


With approaches and spoken dialogues that your customers do understand.


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Modules & Audio Assets - audible and recognisable


Recognisable components with convincing sound profile

  • Sound Branding

    How does your brand sound like?

    Audio branding is the development of your corporate sound (an integral part of your corporate identity).

  • Sound Logo / Audio Logo / Jingle

    The acoustic equivalent to your visual logo.

    Distinctive sound logos and jingles differentiate brands and increase their recognition value - concisely and flexibly.

  • Voice Branding & Auditive Corporate Language

    Give your brand a distinctive voice and linguistic identity.

    The Corporate Voice (or Brand Voice) extends the sonic identity of a company or brand.

  • Audio / Voice Brand Book

    Audio guidelines help you to manage your brand consistently.

    The development of a sonicDNA based on your brand values gives you certainty in your acoustic communication.

  • Corporate Music & Soundscape

    Music & soundscapes that serve the purpose of acoustic brand representation.

    Corporate music and soundscapes help to position a brand in an audibly unmistakable way and increase its recognition value.

  • Audio Marketing

    Strategic adaptations of your corporate sound for special occasions.

    We individualize your acoustic business card according to your requirements, depending on the situation and touchpoint - e.g. with a soccer or Christmas version.

Audio Assets

Brand, Sales & Service Experience

  • TV & Radio

    Consistent audio brand entertainment.

    On TV and radio, your corporate sound design is of particular importance due to the high attention generation of your target group.

  • Hotline / Voice Portal / Voice Bots

    Your acoustic business card.

    A professional service design is effective, enhances the service experience and simultaneously conveys competence and personality at all service contact points.

  • Voice Assistants & Voice Apps

    The key to successful and modern human-machine communication.

    The tonal, vocal and dialogical quality of voice-controlled systems leads to a successful usability - completely "eyes and hands free".

  • POS / Events / Trade fairs / Congresses

    We turn every room into a sonorous experience space.

    The comevis Soundscapes create the atmosphere of a room with specially developed soundscapes and help to increase the quality of the stay.

  • Video / Digital Audio / Spots

    So that your digital communication channels do not remain silent.

    For example, use effective advertising spots in a purely digital environment (e.g. in podcasts or social media) and thus open up new possibilities for audio marketing.

  • Corporate Podcast

    Currently one of the most popular streaming media.

    The topicality, thematic diversity and the mobile format of podcasts offer companies unprecedented opportunities to communicate their brand messages in an entertaining way.



Stella Odovic

Project & customer management

Celine Gorke

Journey Managerin (audio/voice) l DACH

Martin Edler

Senior Consultant & large-scale project manager


Sound of success.

comevis unites a sonorous quintet of acoustic disciplines [Thinking | Tracking | Innovation | Branding | Ecology] at the highest level. This enables us to respond to your wishes and requirements in an absolutely demand-oriented way.

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