Audio/Voice Branding

Strategy, Design, Realization for:
Sonic Code (DNA), Corporate Voice, Soundlogo & Brand Sound 


We develop your sonic code for brand profiling.

For audible recognition.

Sonic Code (DNA)

We encode your brand in a unique and sustainable sound architecture based on our award-winning methodology of C-Profiling and AI-powered.


+ We find your acoustic niche

+ For optimal exploitation of potential

+ With guidelines and strategic control tools 

Retro Mikrofon

Voice Branding

A memorable voice system/concept gives your brand character and persuasiveness.
Products and interaction designs also receive a recognizable voice profile.


+ Use the power and effect of the voice

+ Give your brand a voice identity

+ Voice branding for brands in all languages


We get your brand straight to the point in a recognizable way in 2.5 seconds.


+ We develop your hearing brand

+ Unique and memorable 

+ For your audible brand value enhancement

Image by Oleg Laptev


We develop your sound toolbox e.g. for video and podcast. Determine the beat yourself and stay sonically flexible.


+ We offer individually composed brand sounds  

+ With fast access and online profiling tools

It has never been easier to set the tone 


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Alexander Thesing


Executive Board | Creation, Strategy & Science

Mailin Berghaus

Consultant & Project Management

Björn Wegener

Project & Customer Management


Sound of Brand.

comevis combines sound performance & services at the highest level: 

[Audio/Voice Branding | Audio/Voice Innovation | Acoustic Thinking | Acoustic Tracking | C-Cloud | C-Care | C-Ecology ]  

This enables us to respond to your wishes and requirements in an absolutely demand-oriented manner

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