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With instruments that strikes the right note - comevis
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Acoustic brand performance (sonic DNA) + audio marketing

Success factors for Brand, Sales and Service

We are premium suppliers for auditory brand, sales & service communication.

Our portfolio is comprised of sound design, individual composition, the coordination of international voice recordings  & dialog and texting concepts.

Success factors - Sound, Voice, Dialog
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It is about striking the right notes with the right instruments at the right time.


With inspiring voices that make stories come to life.


With approaches and spoken dialogs that your customers do understand.

Our services to increase your acoustic performance

acoustic BRAND performance

success factor acoustic performance

Audio branding is comprised of psychological parameters to catch someone’s attention, differentiate, remember and engage.

Why a corporate acoustic Identity is that important - comevis
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Your benefit:

1. Brand-image awareness

2. Recognition

3. Brand value enhancement

e.g.: sonicDNA, Corporate Soundlogo, -Jingle, -Music, -Soundscape, -Sound Library Corporate-Voice & Vocal-Systematic Guidelines & Documentation, Audio Brand Book

acoustic SALES performance

To activate your clients.

We can look away but not hearing is for most people simply impossible. Sound creates a positive atmosphere, the basis of trust and loyalty. Individual sounds can deliver orientation and identity to clients, employees andsociety.

How to increase revenue by using the right sound - comevis
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Your benefit:

1. New sales opportunities

2. To activate your clients

3. Increase revenue through audio activities

e.g.: TV, Radio, Video, Online, App, PoS, Phone, Product, Interface, Interaction, Digital

acoustic SERVICE performance

For a well-sounding servicequality.

Success in customer service results from the ability to create an emotional bond and engage with your customer therby helping your business to maintain a loyal customer base. Comevis delivers outstanding customer experience moments by striking the right note and using the right tone of voice at the right time. For more usability, acceptance and trust in your daily contact management and dialog situations.  

The sound makes the difference. - comevis
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Your benefit:

1. Client satisfaction

2. Return on service

3. Usability & acceptance

e.g.: Online, Phone, PoS


Sound of success.

comevis unites a sonorous quintet of acoustic disciplines [acoustic BRANDING I ECOLOGY I INTERACTION I TRACKING I THINKING]  at the highest level. In this way, we can respond to your wishes and requirements in a way that’s fully oriented towards your needs.

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