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Victory anthems to celebrate with

Football is pure emotion - and so is music! That's why these two worlds go so well together and why every European Championship is always a guarantee for new or almost forgotten sound gems.

Postponed is not abandoned. After the UEFA postponed the European Championship 2020 to the next year, it finally started. Just in time for the kick-off of the European Football Championship, the fan chants, with which people want to musically support their own team to victory, begin again, and football teams celebrate their victory exuberantly to their favourite song.

What the teams, clubs and players have come up with for this European Championship again this year, ranges from beautiful, shrill to jarring - from elaborate music video productions to unconventional cover versions. We have compiled some of the most "interesting" songs, but see, and above all, hear for yourself!


We are curious to see which European Championship song will be particularly memorable this year ...


Austria: Meydo feat. Valentina Lazaro - Immer wieder

The 25-year-old football player Valentino Lazaro released his personal European Championship song, which he recorded together with the Vienna-based musician "Meydo".

North Macedonia: Vis Risovi - Odime Na Evropsko

The group "Vis Risovi" delivered rocking sounds and Goran Pandev and Co. also look quite determinedly into the camera.

Turkey: Mustafa Sandal, Derya Uluğ, Eypio, Irmak Arıcı - Bizim Çocuklar

Turkey also hopes that having its own song can push the team, or as the song title says, "Our children".

Scottland: Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

The Scots did it the way it should be done: They celebrated the successful qualification with the classic song "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie". Since then, the song has also becone the official team anthem.

Belgium: Belgian Red Devils - It's Deviltime

Genius or gaga? The Belgians let themselves be pushed by "Deviltime", a perhaps somewhat unconventional cover version of the hit "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer.

Czech Republic: Tri Sestry - Ukážeme kuráž!

What does a punk rock band deliver? A punk rock song, of course! The music video of the band "Tri Sestry" pours on the pub charm and has entertainment value thanks to a turtle.

Slovakia: Daj góla, daj!!!

And another cover version. This time a European Championship interpretation of the partisan song "Bella Ciao" from Slovakia.

England: The Lightning Seeds - Three Lions (Football's Coming Home)

Actually, England 2021 relies on the rap song "We are England" by Krept and Konan. However, no release has taken place yet. But England can always fall back on the legendary and timeless "Football's Coming Home".

Denmark: Herrelandsholdet & Alphabeat - Danmarks Dynamite

Denmark is a real exception. "Danmarks Dynamite" is catchy, has sing-along potential and even the national team joins in, including an air guitar performance by Christian Eriksen.

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