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Vodafone - The Voice of TOBi. A digital assistant learns how to speak😊🎤

comevis is pleased with the project realization in cooperation with Vodafone giving the chat/voicebot TOBi a human voice.

Chat-/Voice Bot Tobi von Vodafone

For better customer service

TOBi is now learning to speak: TOBi is Vodafone's digital assistant and chatbot. He has been supporting Vodafone customer service since April 2019. Its goal: to classify the various concerns of customers thematically in the initial contact and, if possible, to solve many of them directly itself. Until now, customers could only chat with TOBi. That will change, because TOBi is now learning to speak and thus developing into a digital service employee who will support his colleagues on the hotlines in order to help customers more quickly in the future.

Alexander, Patrick Noelke and Stella Odovic in the sonic lab

comevis: Alexander Thesing (Executive Board ppa. Creation, Strategy, Science) and Patrick Claude Nölke (Executive Board ppa. Creation Innovation, Technology) with Stella Odovic (Consultant, Voice Specialist)

Thomas, a long-time employee of Vodafone Germany, gives TOBi his voice. To ensure that TOBi answers meaningfully and purposefully in the future, a new technical process with artificial intelligence is used.

Portrait of Guido Weissbrich

"Our chatbot is now learning to speak - making it a whole lot more human and familiar"

Guido Weissbrich

Member of the Executive Board

Director Commercial Operations at Vodafone Germany

Speech synthesization

This process describes the artificial generation of a human voice - spoken texts are thus converted into speech. Highly complex neural processes and TTS (text-to-speech) technologies are at the heart of this process: The latter analyzes and learns not only the spoken word, but also its phonetics, i.e. the specifics of the voice in terms of timbre and pronunciation. Thomas had to deliver just 2,000 sentences in the recording studio during the entire process. With the help of its artificial intelligence, Voicebot TOBi can create completely new sentences from these - without Thomas having to speak them again in the recording studio.

Patrick Claude Nölke

Executive Board (ppa.) | Creation Innovation | Technology

"It started with a fantastic voice casting in our rooms and resulted in this highly innovative project implementation. We would like to thank the Vodafone project team from the bottom of our hearts. It was a great collaboration."

For the voice recordings, it then went to the comevis Sonic Lab. New methods of speech synthesis are used, which not only turn the chatbot into a voicebot with the help of artificial intelligence, but also give it a more fluid and natural voice.

comevis Sonic Lab



comevis. Sound of Success

We make brand-digitization HEARABLE. comevis is the No.1 for code-based sound branding, acoustic service design and A.I. audio/voice applications. Brands and agencies from both the B2B and B2C sectors use comevis' award-winning C-methodologies and strategy and creation expertise for this purpose. The comevis C-Cloud "Application-Suite" also offers unique AI.-based management and analysis tools. Together with our customers, we are breaking new ground in digital auditory communication, service and interaction design.

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