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No. 1 for auditory digitalisation

Audible Experience

AI-based control for brand & service managers



Next Level

The comevis C-Cloud "application suite" (audio/voice) offers globally unique

A.I. based management & analysis tools. 

For auditory design, code-based sound branding and content management, brands and agencies use our award-winning methods-, strategy- and creation expertise.

Together we are breaking new ground in auditory communication, service & interaction design.

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Audio is more relevant than ever!

Because today practically every digital communication is audible.


Questions and aspects for your sound roadmap.

How do your brand, your products and your services sound? In what tones? With which voices?

Sounds & voices that are understood and recognizable auditory coding is our passion.

Where does auditory interaction with our target group take place? 

Acoustic positioning at all contact points and in all languages is our expertise.

Which A.I. audio/voice tools and applications are crucial?

We have the technological know-how for the audible digital experience of tomorrow.

Fast Lane

New ways to improve performance in your discipline.

Optimising impact & reach with predictable target achievement

Identify tech potential early,

implement easily and safely

Reduction of complaints & customer losses
and increase of KPI`s (e.g. NPS)

Best in Class

Awards & Fame for audible brand digitalization and code-based sound branding.

MDR Radio Adward: Keynote

Stephan Noelke hält Keynote beim Radio Adward

Fotos © MDRW /

Stephan Noelke hält Keynote beim Radio Adward 2019

Inspiring words on the topic of "Architecture of the Audible" from our Managing Director Stephan Vincent Nölke at the Radio Adward.

comevis. Sound of success.

The best indication of the quality of our work is provided by the feedback from our customers.

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„Our new corporate sound means the creation of identity and ensures a clearly recognizable profile of our brand with awareness and likeability.
comevis means for us - First Class Sound Branding and Brand experiences through music, sound and voice.

Katharina Jacobi Sensirion.jpg

 Katharina Jacobi

Director Marketing & Communications

Sensirion AG, Schweiz

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