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No. 1 for ai audio/voice innovation

Auditive Experience

Emotional Brand Building, boost sales, revolutionise service!



comevis methodology

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From strategy and creation to the use of AI-based audio/voice tools.

Development of auditory touchpoints & use cases

Audio branding: the game changer in the brand world!

We define auditory strategies for companies, brands and products, implement them operationally and ensure their success in an economically optimised and AI-assisted manner.


Since 2002, we have been developing solutions, from basic to best-in-class, tailored to specific customer needs. 

tailored to specific customer needs. These aim to promote emotional brand building, sales activation and service design at every touchpoint.

Fast Lane

New ways to improve performance in your discipline.

Emotional brand building

with predictable target achievement

Recognize tech potential early,

implement easily and securely

Best in Class 

& Increase of KPI`s (e.g. NPS)

Audio is more relevant than ever!

For auditory brand & service design and sound & voice branding, companies and agencies use our award-winning methodological, strategic and creation expertise.

The comevis C-Cloud "Application-Suite" (Audio/Voice) offers with its worldwide unique
A.I.-based management & analysis tools for maximum impact and easy handling.

Brand sounds and inspiring auditive services are the branding of tomorrow.


"The methodical, application-oriented approach within the development process of our sound branding - always with the aim of focussing on the most digital and intuitive application possible - has led to a differentiated result, which now makes our brand diversity tangible on an auditory level in line with our brand identity. We are looking forward to our holistic identity, which can now not only be seen but also heard."


Juri Müller

Head of Brand Management


Reference statements

The best indication of the quality of our work is provided by the feedback from our customers.

MDR Radio Adward: Keynote

Stephan Noelke hält Keynote beim Radio Adward

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Stephan Noelke hält Keynote beim Radio Adward 2019

Inspiring words on the subject of "Architecture of the Hearable" from our Managing Director Stephan Vincent Nölke at the Radio Adward.

Best in Class

Our services are honoured and awarded top marks.

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