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Marketing trends 2021: 65% have to do with audio/voice!

Aktualisiert: 16. Nov. 2021

The Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences has published the most important marketing trends for this year in a study. It is remarkable that about half of the topics are related to audio/voice branding and audio/voice marketing.

In the ranking of the top 20 most important marketing trends, we have highlighted in bold those (65%) that are related to audio and voice: 1. customer experience management, 2. content marketing, 3. social media marketing, 4. search engine optimization, 5. video marketing, 6. personalization in marketing, 7. data-driven marketing, 8. Search Engine Advertising, 9. purpose marketing, 10. social commerce, 11. sustainable marketing, 12. agile marketing, 13. marketing automation, 14. conversational marketing, 15. privacy marketing, 16. influencer marketing, 17. chatbots, 18. AI in marketing, 19. podcasts, 20. voice search marketing. Source: Prof. Dr. Karsten Kilian, Website Boosting #65

In the following, we have thematically grouped the above aspects related to audio and voice as follows:

Improved customer experience management (1) is the most important marketing trend for this year and calls for agile marketing (12) that adapts to simple and fast changes and acts accordingly. AI-based (18) audio/voice solutions, such as cloud applications, support these challenges with various apps and personalization marketing (6) at all audible touchpoints. Customized marketing builds a more valuable relationship between a brand or product and the customer and optimizes their experiences.

comevis services: The comevis C-Cloud provides AI-based audio/voice solutions with globally unique tools as a concrete way of interfacing auditory communication and AI-focused technologies to enhance the performance of sound brand touchpoints.


Acoustic brand management delivers profitable added value for your company, which should not be underestimated in purpose marketing (9). Transforming brand identities into sound enables strategic and emotional positioning of companies, brands and products. In audio/voice branding, the corporate sound is developed, which profiles a brand and makes it unforgettably memorable.

Conversational marketing (14), chatsbots (17), and voice search marketing (20) are topics whose implementations required technology-based audio/voice strategies. Smart digital products, voice assistants and smart speakers, such as Alexa & Co, are conquering our everyday lives. They are an additional channel for customer communication and customer loyalty by offering them digital added value. Sound-staged voice apps let customers experience a brand interactively and generate maximum brand recall.

Video (5) and podcast marketing (19) have become increasingly important, especially due to the rise of social media marketing (3) and apps such as Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse and co. Despite the different target groups and character of the various platforms, in content marketing (2) a consistent sound image of a brand is very important to bring about a better customer experience through a recognition effect.

comevis services:

Soundbranding: Using our long-proven methodology of comevis Sonic Profiling, Sound Branding creates a targeted differentiation from competitors through the use of unique soundscapes - synchronized across all sounding touchpoints. Holistic acoustic branding pays off for the entire company purpose (brand purpose), as customers are activated by a uniform sound image and retained as existing customers.

Voice Apps: Our portfolio in the service area of audio/voice innovation revolutionizes voice apps for smart speakers and brings your brand identity to life by integrating corporate voices, corporate sounds and user-friendly dialog guidance. Especially in such technological environments, sound makes the music. The tonal, vocal and dialogical quality of voice-controlled systems leads to successful usability, completely "eyes and hands free".

Video/Podcast: Our unique corporate soundtoolbox "Video/Podcast" as the heart of audio/voice marketing supports the creation of videos and podcasts in content marketing, enabling you to quickly and easily add sound to and produce content yourself. Our sound toolbox, developed especially for you, contains individually composed, brand-compatible sounds and music loops with which you can acoustically enhance your videos and podcasts.


The ESG (Environment-Social-Governance) goals of a company are communicated through Sustainable Marketing (11), which emphasizes the balance between economy, ecology and social issues. Specific, functional sound surfaces, so-called soundscapes, offer intelligent special solutions for stress reduction and well-being, both in the workplace and in public spaces or at home.

comevis services: C-Wellbeing designs room atmospheres as each space requires, because sound has a huge impact on the atmosphere of a room. Our stripped back soundscapes are based on the comevis methodology of C-Scaping, which serves both deceleration and brainwave stimulation through its two-part architecture.


The development of the rising audio boom has a high relevance for companies of all sizes. comevis offers standard solutions and also creates special solutions that are precisely tailored to you and ensure an audible increase in success.

Trust in our profound technological know-how. For the unique position of your brand. For the well-being of your employees and customers. For innovations that can be heard.

Mailin Berghaus

Consultant & Project Management

"The audio branding boom continues. Why? Because it's a particularly affordable, fast, and high-impact way to bring your brand to life with a high profile."

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