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Chief Digital Officer & Head of Innovation (AI/CX/UX)

  • Developer of the worldwide unique C-Cloud

  • Specialist for A.I. speech synthesis

  • Responsible for research and development in the field of audio A.I.

I'm Patrick, I've been with comevis since 2013 and today I'm a member of the management team, authorised signatory and responsible for the "Innovation Strategy & A.I.-based Creation, Management & Analysis Tools" division. I am very pleased that the professional world appreciates my special expertise in audio/voice algorithms and, for example, speech synthesis, along the audible brand & service digitalisation, and that it is always appreciated.

At the centre of our strategic development and my responsibility at comevis today is the C-Cloud "Applications Suite", with its many globally unique tools and possibilities.

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Portrait from Patrick Noelke, an employee of comevis

I am 

Patrick Nölke

Alexander Thesing
Picture from the comevis management

A decade of innovation: 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of Patrick Claude Nölke and Alexander Thesing at comevis.

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