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Audio Branding | Sound Branding | Sonic Branding
Acoustic Brand Management

Sound branding focuses on the development of corporate sound (as an integral part of the corporate identity). It enhances the distinctiveness of companies, brands and products and enables effective audio marketing.

Definition: Audio Branding, Sound Branding & Sonic Branding

Sound Branding transforms brand identities into sound, thus enabling the strategic and emotional positioning of companies, brands and products and, through the use of unique sound worlds, creates the targeted differentiation from competitors. The sound elements precisely used for this purpose can both unite and differentiate different brands of a company in an overarching sound identity.

An elementary component of acoustic brand management is the individual adaptation for the different touchpoints with the help of innovation solutions. The resulting sound adaptations can therefore vary in length and mood, but always remain a component of holistic brand management.

Successful implementation of sound branding


Sound branding offers effective measures for building a brand and is indispensable. The immediate effect of sound on people helps to make brands tangible and liveable, to make them easy to recognize, distinguish, remember and emotionally relate to.

Among the most important elements of acoustic brand management:

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