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Audio Branding | Sound Branding

Sound branding focuses on the development of a sonic code (sound DNA) as an integral part of the brand identity - effective audio marketing through the uniqueness of companies, brands & products.

Definiton: Audio Branding | Sonic Branding | Sonic Branding

Sound branding, also known as audio branding or sonic branding, translates brand identities into sound, thus enabling the strategic and emotional positioning of companies, brands and products and creating a targeted differentiation from competitors through the use of unique soundscapes.


The precise sound elements used for this can both unite and differentiate a company's various brands in an overarching sound identity. An essential element of sound branding is the sonic code, from which various audible applications can be adapted, such as the sound logo, corporate music and the corporate voice.


At comevis, we specialize in tailor-made sound branding projects to make brands unique and emotionally appealing with our expertise.

Discover the power of sound branding with comevis

Sound branding: Why good audio branding is essential!

Sonic branding is an integral part of audible brand digitization, offers effective measures for building a brand and is therefore indispensable. The immediate effect of sound on people helps to make brands tangible and tangible, to make them easily recognizable, distinguishable, memorable and emotionally binding to them.


In addition to our proven comevis C-Profiling method, brand-specific characteristics can be integrated into the sound branding process so that companies can be represented in the best possible sound.

Let us start your sound branding project!

Are you ready to revolutionize your brand experience with unique sound branding? Make an appointment now with comevis, the #1 for code-based sound branding, and discover how we can differentiate your business.

comevis methodology

From strategy and creation to the use of AI-based audio/voice tools.


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