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comevis presents:

A.I. Voice Bots
Conversational Design

Acoustic brand management in service

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United Channels
Seeing acoustic communication as a whole

Brand-compliant communication in the service sector no longer stops at the service hotline.

Nowadays, smart speakers such as Alexa or audio voice applications in the company's own products are also part of acoustic brand management and progressive voice and audio marketing.

Those who look at the big picture from the outset and design the auditory contact points with customers in a brand-compliant and, above all, consistent manner, are way ahead in acoustic brand communication.


That's why we think in three ways with you right from the start:

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User centered

Whether it's service phone bots, voice assistants such as Alexa, or headphones that communicate with users - we work with you to design the necessary acoustic elements in a uniform and coordinated manner. Instead of individual isolated solutions, we create an acoustic continent that reminds users of themselves with every sound.

Sounds instead of silence

Who hasn't experienced that awkward silence in the middle of a conversation when suddenly no one has anything to say. It feels just as strange for your users when the voice bot first needs a few seconds to signal that, for example, what was said has been understood. That's why we create acoustic signal tones that overcome this unpleasant silence - the latency period - and instead let users jump to the next point with a good feeling and a nice, brand-compliant tone in their ears.

Sound worlds instead of waiting

Conversations that drag on unnecessarily are just as unpleasant as strange pauses in the conversation. For example, an audio bot dialog that starts with: "Please state your name" - silence - "Okay, I got your name" and so on, can be boring and annoying for your users. It would be much nicer to get to the desired objective in a snappy workflow without a lot of repetition. We solve this with beeps that guide your users through the bot inquiry in an understandable yet quick way.

Service Experience (CX/UX)

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The 3 customisable parameters


With your instruments that hit the right note.


With voices that tell your stories in a tangible way.


With audio texts and sound dialogues that are understood.


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