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Acoustic service design: comevis creates AI-based voice assistant with sound/voice branding

This is what the new Swisscom TV box sounds like

With the new multifunctional TV Box, the leading Swiss telecommunications company Swisscom AG promises its customers a particularly sonorous TV experience. The list of features is long and extends far beyond the usual TV with functions in the areas of smart home, music and streaming.

All functionalities can be called up conveniently by the user via voice command - in all customary languages (multilingual). In addition to voice control through voices synthesised especially for Swisscom (TTS), comevis has also developed a highly functional exclusive sound system that makes operation easier for the user and increases the speed of interaction in dialogue. For example, the confirmation sound will be the most played sound of the AI-based assistance system in the future.

comevis & Swisscom: Sonorously connected since 2017

We have been providing Swisscom with a unique sounding brand presence since 2017 (read more). We continued our strategically developed audio & voice branding for the new TV box and adapted it consistently for this special application.

The development of functional sound systems and synthetic voices in the comevis sonicLABs.

Within the framework of the overall project, comevis services are a decisive building block in the area of voice synthesis and voice recordings for the interactive dialogue with the swisscom Voice Assistant. The special feature here is that the defined swisscom voice tonality was also transferred to the digital counterparts of the human voices. We are pleased that in the future all answers of the swisscom Voice Assistant will be heard with voices made by comevis.

Riccardo Lopetrone

Senior Product Manager Voice, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

"Since 2017, we have been working successfully with comevis in the areas of sound branding, voice branding and UX sound design. The audio, voice and dialogue experts from comevis are also very close to us in the development of our new Swisscom TV box, providing the crucial building blocks for our voice assistant incl. multilingual voice synthesis (TTS)."

With this development, comevis continues to position itself as a leading provider for audio & voice applications in intelligent, digital systems.

Stephan Vincent Nölke

Geschäftsführer | CEO

"In times of the audio boom, audio and voice assistants are becoming an increasingly integral part of our everyday lives. In this context, an audio-strategic approach in digital applications is of utmost importance. This project shows how important it is today to communicate in digital environments in a brand-appropriate, functional and aesthetic way."

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