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Audio becomes the main channel (e.g. through podcasts, radio, voice assistant, phone, ...)

Audio is an increasingly important advertising medium in these challenging times. It becomes clear: During covid-19, audio is becoming the main channel.

With audio/voice technologies (Amazon Alexa, Google Home...), companies offer their customers the opportunity to interact with them in a tangible way - to increase the service experience and brand loyalty.

There are many reasons for this: audio/voice technologies offer the possibility to make information available on a large scale in a trustworthy way, but at the same time also to interactively distract users in an entertaining, likeable way, to bring them to positive thoughts and to convey security and familiarity to them. The agility, flexibility, cost-effectiveness (for medium-sized businesses as well as market leaders), freedom (especially in comparison to videos) and the resulting reach and target group control are optimal, so that audio has long since gone from being a nice-to-have in the communication mix to an effective must-have in corporate communication - not only in times of crisis, but especially there.

Radio content with acoustic advertising messages accompanies us in everyday life - such as in the car.

Especially in difficult times, advertising messages achieve a much greater degree of coverage due to fewer competing advertisers, so companies that successfully design, consistently plan and execute their audio/voice crisis communication can return to normal operations more quickly. Because other relevant, socially shaped advertising environments (such as cinema or transport media) are eliminated due to the crisis, audio can decisively support companies in emerging from the crisis unscathed.

Podcast is currently one of the most popular streaming media.

Auditive messages reach our brain immediately, are linked to associations and trigger emotions. Right now, audio is having more of an effect than ever: no wonder, that sound branding, service design (telephone + skill) and podcast requests have noticeably increased during the crisis. Many companies have recognised that audio can positively influence their brand perception and have relied on innovative and effective audio marketing in time.

In our 3 new acoustic THINKING webinars you will get all information you need for your perfect audio/voice start!

Stephan Vincent Nölke

Geschäftsführer | CEO

"Especially in these special times, audio is positioning and profiling itself as an absolutely indispensable medium in the communication and marketing mix - especially through the perfect auditory interaction of corporate sound and voice. Companies that have recognised this potential can look positively to the future."

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