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🚀 Do´s & Don´ts 🚀 Audio/Voice Campaign on TikTok & YouTube Shorts

For all those who want to start a reach boost in social media campaigns using sound & voice.

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Why are sound design and the use of fitting voices so important in social media campaigns?

A sound concept and appropriate voice selection play a crucial role in social media campaigns because they can create a strong emotional connection with the recipient.

A well-coordinated sound concept and voice contribute to conveying the desired mood and image of a brand and can thus increase the effectiveness of a campaign.

However, an inappropriately selected voice or an unsuccessful sound design can lead to a negative perception of the brand and leave a bad impression on target audiences.

The following do's and don'ts in the context of your acoustic brand management are relevant:


​Do's: ✔️

Do not use a sound concept that has not been clarified by the licensee, as this may lead to legal consequences.

Use a memorable and distinctive sound design that fits your brand and grabs viewers' attention.

Do not use an audio/voice strategy that is not thematically relevant to the video and brand.

Choose an audio/voice strategy that is thematically relevant to the campaign and meaningfully supports the message or mood of the campaign.

Do not use music and sound elements that build a negative emotional connection between the brand and the viewer.

Use music and sound elements that builds an emotional connection between the brand and the viewer.

​Do not use an audio/voice concept that detracts from the mood or atmosphere of the video.

Use an audio/voice concept that supports the mood or atmosphere of the video.

Don't use sounds that are not authentic or credible to your brand.

If possible, use building blocks from your sound branding (brand sound library) that is authentic and credible for your brand.

Don't use sounds that aren't easily recognizable in a few seconds and don't convey your brand values appropriately.

According to your branding, create sound content specifically for their social media campaign, which is particularly easy to recognize there in a few seconds.

Don't ignore sound branding opportunities and miss the chance to set your brand apart from others on the platform.

Use the power of sound branding to set your brand apart from others on the platform.


Acoustic storytelling for a fireworks display of emotions

Audio/Voice Campaign

The story of the campaign becomes audible with music, sound design & convincing voices. We provide a firework of emotions. + Activation with resonance + Instantly recognizable, memorable + Absolutely unique

Take advantage of our audio marketing action plan!


Code Based Soundbranding

Code-based sound branding plays an important role in social media campaigns and is an essential aspect of the brand experience. It helps to emotionally connect the brand and create a unique identity that stands out from the competition.

A well-designed audio/voice branding results in a consistent sound signature that is associated with the brand and triggers strong emotional resonance with target audiences. Poorly conceived or inconsistent sound branding, on the other hand, can lead to a loss of credibility and authenticity and leave negative impressions on target audiences.

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"For your success in the digital experience space. The right audio/voice strategy in your social media campaigns creates reach. Using our analysis & tracking C-tools, we ensure your impact boost."

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