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Brand Sound Library: Why innovation is indispensable!

Aktualisiert: 4. Feb. 2022

The year 2022 is bubbling over with innovation at comevis! Because with our award-winning C-Cloud - our audio/voice application suite, we are igniting stately fireworks with completely new tools and applications. With the help of artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, we make code-based sound branding and agile audio marketing easy to use and really smart.

Person stands at desk, laptop shows Application Suite

At the heart of it all are our tools, and from them we present today the Library Profiler for intelligent brand sound content management:

Brand Sound is not just "the one particular music". It consists of many different elements, which all together form a holistic concept and profile the audible sonic code. A large own brand sound library, which can be used appropriately for a brand in different contexts.

This is where the Library Profiler comes in. It brings order to the library clutter! Just as it is not always easy to find the right book in a real library, it is not always easy for corporate sound users to click through the various sound elements.

So it happens quickly that the same few elements are always used, the variety falls by the wayside and elements that would hit the content much better are overlooked. The Library Profiler can prevent this.

View of the Library Profiler Tool

In the Library Profiler, you simply specify what the sound is needed for - for example, a video. Then you set the mood - for example, dynamic and a bit innovative - and then whether the sound is used purely for the brand image, or whether it should be followed by a sale, for example. The Library Profiler filters out the appropriate elements and reduces the selection to the sound elements, such as intro, outro, glue point or loop, that are really needed for the specific application. The library is of course modular and individually expandable.


Thanks to the Library Profiler, you and the agencies you work with don't have to look far. Your media elements will be happy about the sound variety, which is guaranteed to be always on brand!

Portrait of Patrick Noelke

Patrick Claude Nölke

Procurator, Executive board | Creation, innovation & technology

"Wir freuen uns, dass wir gleich zum Start viele namenhafte Kunden wie beispielsweise BOSCH, Oventrop, N-ERGIE & die Nürnberger Versicherung onboarden durften. Auch zukünftig werden wir Sie mit neuen Tools und Applikationen überraschen."

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