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DFB Sound Branding Pitch: A sonorous goal for comevis

Aktualisiert: 26. März

The German Football Association is striving for a sonorous next level. Therefore, a pitch was called and the best of the best among the specialists for acoustic brand management were sent into the battle. We are happy to say: 1:0 for comevis! 🏆

comevis management stands in front of a stadium | comevis wins DFB Sound Branding Pitch

Whether privately or professionally - soccer is in our blood at comevis. In addition to numerous market-leading customers, our clientele naturally includes a number of soccer brands, such as 1. FC Köln, BVB and the DFL - we have already had the opportunity to design the audible world of soccer several times.

Now we have once again become part of the team: From now on, the Multibrand DFB will benefit from comevis' sound expertise in soccer and will get an extensive code-based sound branding. In the large-scale pitch, we were able to prevail in the final round among the best five agencies.

All five were able to score points with their strategic and creative implementation, but in the end it was comevis' strategic approach and creative expertise that convinced the DFB. It was not only the long-established C-methodologies that convinced the DFB, but also - or above all - the innovative software-based C-tools from comevis.

With these, the DFB not only gets a comprehensive audio branding, but also positions itself trend-setting in the area of audible brand digitization. An interplay of sound branding and AI-based tools & applications is created, with which the DFB is equipped for the audible digital future.


"Sound branding creates a clear acoustic association with the brands, so that the brands can also be experienced acoustically at the various points of contact and are anchored more strongly with the external stakeholders. The auditory brand management, with regard to our umbrella brand strategy and the DFB brand architecture, takes into account both existing assets (e.g. anthems, openers/closers) and, in particular, provides the framework for innovative audio/voice formats.

Portrait of Juri Müller

For this, we were inspired by the special expertise of comevis' specialists in audible brand digitization and code-based sound branding. We are looking forward to a sonorous collaboration."

Juri Müller, Head of Brand Management DFB.


This is the DFB

The German Football Association organizes the sport of soccer in Germany in championship matches and competitions. The umbrella organization of 27 German soccer associations includes nearly 24,500 soccer clubs. The DFB stands for both popular and professional sports and supports both amateurs and professional athletes. It acts with social and socio-political responsibility and feels strongly committed to the idea of fair play.

Soccer stadium with colorful lighting | comevis supports DFB with sound branding

"We work with passion and creativity to improve soccer - for sporting success and to strengthen its role model function in society."

German Football Association

Image Source: German Football Association

Big, bigger, DFB - acoustic brand management

What awaits us in the sound branding for the DFB can confidently be called a highly strategic mammoth project - in the positive sense! The DFB operates as a multi-brand. This means that we not only manage one big brand, but also different brand components: There are a total of four so-called "hero brands," four "supporter brands" and eight "sub-brands." This requires not only a coherent sound branding, but also outstanding individual sound and voice nuances, which in turn fit into the overall sound cosmos of the DFB.

We look forward to bringing a unique, code-based brand sound cosmos to the pitch for the DFB. In doing so, the DFB will be able to benefit from C-applications such as the Brand Sound Library Profiler, for example, and focus on essential voice aspects in addition to auditory branding. After all, the voice of a brand is at least as influential as its musical sound - especially in soccer, where fan choruses and commentators shape the feeling in the stadium.


Audio/Voice Branding

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About the DFB

The German Football Association (DFB) is the association of the state associations, regional associations and the league association in which soccer is played. The DFB's most important task is to organize the sport of soccer in championship matches and competitions. The DFB represents the interests of its member associations at home and abroad and, with around seven million members, is one of the largest sports associations in the world.

As of January 1, 2022, DFB GmbH & Co.KG is the new company that bundles the economic activities and digital business areas of the e.V. (including the national teams, the 3rd league, the women's national leagues and the DFB Cup competitions), including the associated marketing activities, and remains wholly owned by DFB e.V. DFB GmbH & Co. KG comprises the five business units Marketing, Sales & Events, National Teams & Akademy, IT & Digital, Match Operations and Finance.

About comevis

We make brand digitalization AUDIBLE. comevis is the No.1 for code-based sound branding, acoustic service design and A.I. audio/voice applications. Brands and agencies from both the B2B and B2C sectors use comevis' award-winning C methodologies and strategy and creation expertise for this purpose. The comevis C-Cloud "Application-Suite" also offers unique AI.-based management and analysis tools. Together with our customers, we are breaking new ground in digital auditory communication, service and interaction design.

Stephan Vincent Nölke


"As a sports and brand sound fan, I was of course particularly happy about this pitch win. The DFB case combines two of my passions and at the same time presents us with unique challenges. I'm looking forward to a code-based sound branding leading into the future for one of THE German brands!"

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