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What does sustainability sound like?

Aktualisiert: 16. Nov. 2021

We think ahead in sound branding and integrate audible sustainability aspects into strategies for future-oriented corporate sounds.

3 Specialists > 3 Questions > 3 sonorous Answers

Sustainability & Brand Communications

Nowadays, sustainability management is no longer limited to the classic area of sustainability, but also plays a central role within brand communication.

To meet this demand, comevis offers special exploration tools, strategies & creative services for companies and brands.


Sustainability rethought acoustically - 3 questions to the comevis board of directors:


Question 1: Why is it important to include sustainability aspects in acoustic communication?

Stephan Vincent Nölke, CEO, author,

keynote speaker, long-standing lecturer

at University of Applied Sciences Bonn

"Sustainability is one of the most important topics, if not the most important topic of our decade. Brands, too, are increasingly asking themselves how they position or must position themselves on this issue. On the one hand, in order to meet the growing sustainability demands of their own target group [key words: supply chains, production, energy balance] and therefore remain viable as an attractive brand. On the other hand, however, also in order to make the brands' own sustainability claim tangible and to anchor it within the brand identity, i.e. sonic code. Acoustics, in the form of intelligent sound concepts and voice systems, offers the perfect direct channel to support sustainable topics and communication: To the point, fast and flexible for every point of contact."

Question 2: What impacts can we expect from this?

Patrick Claude Nölke, Procurator

Executive board | Creation, innovation & technology

"As frequently the case, the aspect of sustainability or Acoustic Ecology in particular is about authenticity and credibility. Brands, companies & products are still exposed to the "green-washing" accusation if they lack credibility - especially when it comes to pure sustainability labeling.

However, the idea of sustainability is already inherent in all acoustic and sonic music, since sound is reproducible and location-independent for us humans without additional material input. If one then adds the sound-ecological effect of sound, one can speak of an acoustically supported Ecology-Boost effect.

In the field of Affective UX Design, we can use the soothing and physiological effect of soundscapes to make digital interactions of customers with companies, brands and products as pleasant as possible. Sound ecological spheres help enhance real, digital and public spaces so that people feel comfortable in them."

Question 3: Is there scientific evidence so far for the combination of sustainability & sound and what are the future prospects?

Alexander Thesing, Procurator

Executive board | Creation, strategy & science

"A research project that we are currently conducting together with the University of Leuphana in close collaboration with Prof. Monika Imschloss suggests that certain musical, tonal and vocal parameters are particularly suitable for conveying sustainable content and making it credible. Our goal is to be able to provide new perspectives and a constructive contribution to the global state of research. The first results of our study already allow us to draw exciting conclusions. More on this shortly.

We see the topic of sustainability as a forward-looking field, which we are continuing to explore and expand. Sustainability is very important to us, both in our company and with our customers. Sonic Brand Sustainability is the future, sustainability is audible!

For brands, this opens up completely new potentials to interact with customers and target groups. In a way, the acoustically-supported take-up of the sustainability claim within the brand identity helps to interact with the target groups more consciously, more directly and, to a certain extent, also more naturally."


Sound of Sustainability.

More about: Acoustic Ecology.


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