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Audio-Purpose! The question of why?

That is why every brand should translate its purpose into sound.

Why can't the world do without your brand? Not only should every company ask itself this question nowadays, it should also have a good, credible and transparent answer ready. The reason: a brand without a purpose has a hard time these days - especially with the young generation. In a world full of crises and problems, the desire for meaning is greater than ever.

Studies show that brands with a purpose are demonstrably more successful. According to the Capgemini Research Institute, 87 per cent of consumers believe that companies should be more socially engaged.

What is this Purpose actually?

The purpose of a brand describes its raison d'être. It shows, for example, what the brand has to contribute to a better world, an easier everyday life or the common good. This purpose is the overarching goal of the company and stands above everything it does.

The purpose is to be distinguished from the mission and vision of a brand. The mission describes what the product brings to the users in concrete terms and the vision describes how and where the brand sees itself in the future.

But what is the best way for a brand to show its purpose? We think: with sound. ...
Stephan Vincent Nölke Managing Director: CEO, textbook author, keynote speaker, long-standing lecturer University-of-Applied-Sciences-Bonn
... Not every brand needs a sound logo, but taking an acoustic stance and recognizable positioning is a must!" - Stephan Vincent Nölke

Why a Purpose is so important

The question of why is on users' minds nowadays more than ever before. Many have become more thoughtful and attach importance to issues such as sustainability and mindful consumption. They insist on fairness, transparency - and that products have a deeper meaning. They buy what brings added value.

A brand's raison d'être - its purpose - is therefore indispensable for its success and determines whether it survives or fails on the market. And: Companies can still play a real pioneering role with this!

According to a study by the ZENO agency, 94 percent of respondents consider purpose to be important, but only 37 percent believe that purpose is clearly and strongly present in companies.

They show the way - this is what Purpose can look like

A Purpose can take many different forms. the nu company, for example, has made it its mission to simplify healthy eating and a sustainable lifestyle for as many people as possible. For example, the company plants trees for its products and produces vegan, low-sugar, sustainable and fair products.

The Female Company also has a strong and very current purpose in that they stand up for women empowerment. With their products they break stigmas in women's hygiene and give them more self-confidence.

But not only such companies, also a huge company like Google has a purpose - in this case: "To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful".

How we make your Purpose audible?

Anyone who has found the purpose of their brand should also show it to the outside world in the best possible and clear way. It is often associated with many emotions and a clear position is taken. Design and text can underline this, but sounds and tones go directly but sounds and tones go straight to the user's heart.

They can make the purpose even clearer and, above all, even more credible and convincing.

But what does a Purpose sound like? And how does it sound different from the others?

We'll find out together and make your purpose audible!

Unique, recognizable and convincing.

With the help of many worldwide unique tools and applications, which can be found in the "Application Suite" of our C-Cloud, we make it very easy to use and implement.

You can find out more about the possibilities of making your purpose audible with comevis in our portfolio area Audio/Voice Branding:

If you are looking for sustainability in your purpose, you should take a look at our expertise in the field of Acoustic Ecology. With our C-Sustainability, we create sustainable sounds.

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