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DFB Sound Branding ⚽⚽⚽

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Soundful passing game: comevis & the German Football Association unveil the DFB brands sound branding and sound logo. 🎺🎺🎺

DFB Soundbranding by comevis

Stephan Vincent Nölke (CEO), Patrick Claude Nölke (ppa.), Alexander Thesing (ppa.)


Challenge: multi-brand

With the DFB, comevis manages a multi-brand with "hero brands", "supporter brands" and "sub-brands". This is a highly complex process that requires multiple competences in terms of strategy, design and technology. The DFB relies on the exclusive comevis methodology of code-based sound branding to develop the acoustic brand management of the DFB Multi-Brand in a future-proof way.

The aim is to promote acoustic brand management and emotional brand building at every touchpoint in order to create a deeper connection between the respective brands and fans, in line with the motto "Football time is the best time".


Sound Branding Case-Video

comevis Case-Video


The Sound logo

DFB Soundlogo


The auditory code behind the DFB's brands

The auditory family code represents the pulsating rhythm on the pitch, the vibrations in the air and the rousing emotions of football.

The 3 audio code elements can be outlined as follows:

  1. 🎺 A rousing brass section creates powerful references to the DFB anthem and unites all the brands in a harmonious sound structure.

  2. ⚽ Football takes centre stage - sounds of the sport, from precise passes to the sound of "ball in net", give the DFB sound branding a lively materiality.

  3. 🏟️ The unique facets of each instrument form a cohesive team in which every contribution is important. Authentic instrumentation, realistically played and recorded, creates an unrivalled sense of solidarity and community.


This sound branding - unique in its complexity and character - embodies tradition and future and lets you feel the passionate soul of football. The C-Team is looking forward to all the further challenges that lie ahead of us together and would also like to thank the DFB and market research institute IMW and Strichpunkt.


The Integration into the DFB brand portal

Just as successful football coaches rely on a repertoire of different game strategies, the DFB now also has a selection of more than 400 situationally appropriate audio assets:

📣 Soundlogo

🌐 Social Media Templates

🎥 Video-Moods

📺 TV-Bumper and

🔔 UX-Sounds

... which are used, for example, for TV broadcasts, the DFB Cup, the World and European Championships, podcasts, social media and live events.

Einblick DFB Brand sound library profiler by comevis

The integrated comevis C-Tools in the DFB brand portal

The Brand Sound Library Profiler from the comevis C-Cloud, created specifically for the DFB, offers all relevant users access to the individually composed, modular design system and acoustic brand element. Using this AI-based management tool ensures intuitive, efficient, audible brand communication in the spirit of the multi-brand DFB.


The applications

In addition to the applications in the brand film and the product world films, there are a variety of applications, touchpoints and use cases:

DFB Anwendungen Social media use cases touchpoints by comevis

Brand-relevant touchpoints (excerpt)


👉 Best Practice: DFB Sound Branding & Soundlogo

For those who want to HEAR more, click here for the DFB case:


Media extracts

DFB Logo



What does football sound like? The German Football Association (DFB) and the Cologne-based company comevis, a pioneer in the field of sound branding, have been investigating this question over the past few months. The result is a brand sound that is precisely tailored to the DFB. A multi-stage market research process was used to ensure that each of the nine brands covered by the collaboration between the DFB and comevis has individual, auditory characteristics in line with its positioning.


W&V Logo


Acoustic future: DFB launches sound branding offensive

The German Football Association used Comevis' AI-supported sound branding methodology to acoustically restage its brand world, which consists of nine brands. The method differs from classic sound branding in several ways.


new business nb logo

New Business

DFB brands treat themselves to a new sound logo

In order to lead the DFB brand world into the digital future through acoustic brand management and to strengthen emotional brand building, the German Football Association (DFB) has engaged the Cologne-based specialist agency Comevis Audio Branding.


SportweltNews Logo

Sportworld News

Soundful passing game: comevis & the German Football Association unveil the sound branding and sound logo for the DFB brands

comevis, a pioneer in sound branding, announces the implementation of its unique code-based sound branding methodology for nine brands of the German Football Association (DFB). The aim of this collaboration is to lead the DFB brand world into the digital future through acoustic brand management and to strengthen emotional brand building.


Horizont logo


This is how the DFB and its brands sound

Nine brands, one club: The DFB wants to make the diversity under its umbrella audible.

With the help of an AI-based tool, it has developed a sound branding that is intended to make football audible for all classes, genders and characteristics.

An AI-based management and analysis tool from Comevis, a specialist in auditory communication from Cologne, was used in the development process.


sports business at logo comevis


DFB and comevis define the brand sound of football in Germany

The German Football Association (DFB) and the company comevis jointly focussed on sound branding and asked themselves what football sounds like. The result: a brand sound tailored to the DFB.


CEO Stephan Vincent Noelke Portrait

We are pleased that we were able to design and implement a strategically derived “Audible Brand Experience” for the DFB positioning for the special requirements of our digitally transformed world. This provides an important core building block for the individual communicative appeal of the DFB brands. Thanks to the technological openness of the DFB project team, all currently relevant digital aspects with regard to the audio innovations that are already possible today were able to be addressed.

Stephan Vincent Nölke


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