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Voice Branding in the Metaverse. Part 2: By Stephan Vincent Nölke

Our last article dealt with the question of how the metaverse sounds from a brand perspective and what potentials code-based sound branding offers in this regard. Now we want to turn our attention to one of the most important auditory design tools - speech and voices.

"Because just as the metaverse is not likely to remain silent, just as every other world is not silent, people - as well as companies - should have a unique voice in the metaverse."

Acoustic Sciences
Stephan Vincent Nölke, Expert for Audible Brand Digitization & CEO of comevis GmbH & Co. KG

And that's where the magic of the metaverse begins: because in a world without borders, brands, companies and objects can also be given a voice. Which one that is and how it sounds can be freely chosen and should be well thought out by means of voice branding - as we offer it at comevis.

Our voice in metaverse

It is a big part of our identity - and it decisively determines how we are perceived at first impression: the voice. Some of us may even have wished in certain situations that we could influence our own voice. Stronger or softer, brighter or darker, more mature or childlike. What is hardly possible in analogue life will be the norm in the metaverse of the future. Just as the appearance of avatars and, of course, the sound of the Metaverse can be freely designed, the voice in the Metaverse does not have to be that of the analog world.

Voice optimization and design will be the order of the day. This can also be seen in the fact that the first technologies for this are already being developed and made available. One example of this is Voicemod. The company, which has already made a name for itself with its software in the gaming world and among so-called "VTubers" (YouTubers who appear with a virtual avatar) as a "real-time voice changer," announced the possibility for the first augmented reality and virtual reality headsets with integrated voice modification. These are no longer tied to the PC or specific software settings.

The Creator - our tool for voice optimization

At comevis, we have long been intensively involved with the voice and the possibilities of voice optimization, and we take what Voicemod offers for individual users and think it further for companies. Independently of voice branding and our broad network of speakers, we have been thinking innovatively since before Metaverse:

Our Creator, for example, is a real-time voice generator for enterprises - and will not only meet the demands of Metaverse, but be a pioneer in the field of voice branding for enterprises there.

Want to learn more about the capabilities of the VADio Creator, or about our C-Cloud and tools & applications in general? Then discover our C-Cloud here or contact us directly here.

Voice branding on a new level

Speaking of voice branding - this can be thought of in a completely new way in the metaverse. Similar to sound branding, the virtual world opens up new possibilities for giving the brand its own character by means of a voice and voice systems. However, not only the brand itself, but also employees, for example in virtual stores or even products, can speak in a way that is more in line with the brand than ever before.

"The entire user journey at the voice level can thus be designed in an innovative, brand-typical and, above all, consistent manner at a whole new level"

In this way, your company is immediately recognized in the metaverse by a hello, a voice color, or something that does not speak in the analog world. The topic of brand ambassadors can also be rethought here. These can not only carry on the values and attributes of a brand, but even sound like the brand.

Alexa 2.0

Voice assistants have already arrived in our analog world and are becoming increasingly important. In addition to the standard Alexa voice, we see the potential above all in the development of individual voices and speech styles. In this way, we create a brand identity that can be experienced acoustically with a high retention factor. What is now unavoidable in the analog world will be all the more important in the metaverse. Voice assistants and navigation by means of voices is one of the most important landmarks in the Metaverse.

"Those who focus on individuality and originality here can attract positive attention right at the start. Translate your voice assistants into the digital space and discover how much further there is to go here."

In my opinion, these opportunities should also be thought about, conceived and already addressed in the early stage of the metaverse in which we currently find ourselves.

We would be ready - are you?

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