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comevis presents:

The sound of your brand

Logo von German Design Award
Logo von German Brand Award
Logo von german brand award
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A sound logo makes your brand recognizable in 2.5 seconds -
With us, your sound logo becomes innovative, digital and easy to apply at all touchpoints.

Sound Lautsprecher

What is a sound logo?

A sound logo - or audio logo - is a short, unmistakable and often emotionally designed sequence of sounds. It can be designed purely instrumentally or with a sung or spoken brand message. A sound logo is one of the most important components of acoustic brand communication. With just a few tones, it promotes brand loyalty, can be perceived as a seal of quality, and can even communicate affiliation with an umbrella brand.

With us you get not only a sound logo

We support you from strategy development to creation and realization. And we go one step further with you: Thanks to our innovative tools, you don't just get a sound logo! You also get the means to work with it yourself, can fall back on AI-based support and look forward to efficient audible results.

Image by Dan Farrell
Image by ben o'bro

Brand value enhancement

A distinctive sound logo or audio logo differentiates a brand like hardly anything else. It increases the recognition value in a special way and represents relevant brand values in a nutshell - and does so concisely and flexibly.

Best Practice | Oventrop

Reference quote

"Oventrop Sonic Code and Oventrop Sound Architecture as loop building blocks. comevis realized a fully comprehensive sound branding - from a corporate sound logo to the creation of the holistic corporate sound with its own Brand Sound Library, the corporate voice including fixing the tone of voice - as well as all adaptations for our now particularly sonorous touchpoints. The highly experienced specialists impressed us with their consistently methodical approach and always hit the right note. We look forward to many sonorous contact experiences together with our customers and partners."

Michael Scheller

Head of Marketing & Product Management

Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG

Blauer Metallzaun

Sound of Oventrop
Corporate Music & Soundlogo

Best Practices

Eine Auswahl zur Inspiration


Sound of ALH: Corporate Soundlogo


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