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UX Sounddesign

Sounds that are understood

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From the simple beep to intelligent functional sound syntax 

Sound design at every touchpoint

With UX sound design, we can acoustically brand any application for you, no matter how small. Because every single feedback sound keeps your brand in the minds of the users.

Best Practice App UX-Sound

The functional sounds (UX Sound Design) designed by comevis for the yello app "kwhapp" ensure greater user acceptance and user experience.


They were developed in the context of the sound branding strategy that we have been consistently implementing for yello since 2016.


More about this best practice here.


+ Simplified user guidance

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Because even single note makes the difference

Whether in service dialogs, within applications or directly when operating your products - let us make your brand audible at all times. It can start as small as the sound you make when you open an app: Imagine opening Netflix or Skype right now - what sound would come? You probably know that sound without actually having opened the apps, right? That's exactly what successful UX sound design is for brands, and that's exactly what we can achieve for your brand.

Beautiful sounds for happy users

Anyone who experiences a positive customer journey automatically has a better image of the respective brand. This customer journey can also include acoustic feedback that makes it easier to operate or understand an application. This can be a signal tone when scanning with the camera or a feedback tone after entering information.

Industrial Sounddesign

Your products can also sound. Let's take a coffee machine as an example. It can be loud and annoying, or it can blend acoustically into the room. Even the sound of selecting a hot beverage can bind users to the brand. This can even get so small that we work with you to develop sounds for keyboard strokes. In the end, however, it's the sum of the whole that makes UX sound design an important brand code in branding.

Best Practices

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UX Sound Design & Voice Synthesis

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UX sound design and functional sounds in TV spot


UX sound design and functional sounds in the BVB app

Let's strive for perfection together

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