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Overview of services 
We offer a fully comprehensive portfolio for all requirements in a time when audio/voice is more relevant than ever.

Audio/Voice Branding

Sonic Code (DNA)

Voice Branding


Sound Library

Audio/Voice Campaign

Currently popular
Motivating, engaging and exactly what your customers have always wanted.


Click here for our award-winning C-Cloud, as well as the Tracker, Library Profiler and Creator.

Mikrofon Nahaufnahme

Corporate Soundlogo

The acoustic counterpart to the visual logo gets to the heart of your brand in 2.5 seconds.

Amazon Echo.jpg

Voice App & Alexa Skill Design

The key to successful and modern man machine communication.

Grünes Telefon

Phone - Audio/Voice Service Design

The caller feels "I am in good hands here."

Image by Johann Siemens

Sonic Brand Sustainability

This is what sustainability sounds like. We position your brand's sustainability claim acoustically.


Conversational A.I. / Voice Bots

We transform A.I. based dialogue systems into communicative sound worlds that inspire users.

Image by Thomas William

Corporate Soundtoolbox
"Podcast & Video"

With our toolbox you can easily create audio content by yourself.

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